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Eleven golden week tourists number consumption double down — Society — people.com.cn original title: Eleven golden week tourists consumption double newspaper news (reporter Fu Yang) the National Day holiday in the past, affected by weather factors, the National Day holiday this year, the amount of tourists has declined, the public travel expenses also decreased. Increase the number of tourists traveling by car, the reception of folk tourism fiery. During the eleven, a total of 8 million 430 thousand people in Beijing to receive tourists tourists, a decrease of $3.3%; public tourism consumption of $1 billion 550 million, a decrease of 2.9%. "Eleven" period, the city’s monitoring of the main tourist attractions in a class a scenic area of 14 million 756 thousand passengers, a decrease of 14% compared to the same period in. The "eleven" period, the historical and cultural scenic tourists 5 million 918 thousand passengers, down 12.5%; city park scenic tourists 3 million 760 thousand passengers, down 14.6%; modern entertainment scenic tourists 1 million 206 thousand passengers, down 8.4%; natural scenery scenic tourists 1 million 173 thousand people, reduced by 23.2%. The Imperial Palace pre-sale limiting measures, the tourism environment is greatly improved, the capacity is limited to 80 thousand people, 7 days of tourists is relatively smooth and orderly; the Summer Palace tourists 420 thousand passengers, down 21%; Tiantan tourists 420 thousand passengers, down 21.7%; Badaling tourists 351 thousand people, down 8.9%; tourists Gubei town 235 thousand people, growth of 41.9%. (J004: Zhang Yu, commissioning editor Li Nannan)相关的主题文章: