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[eleven] fine restaurant Lalu glass of exquisite delicacy – Sohu and mentioned Lalu, you think maybe is a luxury. But people who have been, are impressed by her beauty, of course, decoration and design is her unique side, more importantly, is to show the Qilu culture and Confucianism, people always can feel the broad and profound culture of the Chinese nation. See this picture, you may have entered a cultural museum, in fact, this is just the Lalu corridor in some small corner, there are cultural relics and old objects. Lalu is the first domestic cultural and creative Resort Hotel, spend 3 billion yuan heavily by the international architectural design master KerryHill meticulously, the design concept of Kerry Hill to the minimalist building shape is simple and full of sense of line, day lighting changes extremely beautiful huan. The delicacy, Lalu has met the French Restaurant restaurant, dining room, eleven kitchen water ripple, and the long bar and so on, to the red Brother feeling, her pursuit is not much, but authentic and exquisite, every dish is done, this is not the hotel than he can you. Inside the dining hall, the lighting and atmosphere are very temperamental. Red brother is the choice of rooms. Mural on the wall, very abstract, you need to think about it. In addition, there are many rooms in the cultural relics, thick cultural fan. Let me get to the point, here to talk about the delicacy. There are two kinds of meal, it served according to the table, can also according to a serving, second ways to feel good. Festoon spell, color aroma and taste. The small village, with a selection of pork, white sesame, sweet. Brittle explosion seafood, food is fresh. The raw juice of shrimp, look at the color collocation, absolutely delicious. Steamed cod with chopped pepper, black fungus, earn only spicy, very fresh cod. Abalone soup abalone, abalone from Lalu own pool, a large and fresh. Finally, sweet scented osmanthus cake, viscosity is very large, the same is a dessert. In the end is the fruit after the meal. The general feeling, every dish is very delicious, and color aroma and taste, to the extreme and delicate, like food, it is worth to savor, this is the life, is to enjoy. Our restaurant week launched different delicacy, fruit, beef, Roasted Duck 25 hours old dumplings, rich fat liver, vegetarian dishes, and even a gift set. Such a top food to enjoy, people can not help but sigh life so wonderful. Name: Lalu hotel kitchen eleven cafeteria address: Huangdao District of Qingdao City, Kowloon Road No. 277 booking Tel: 0532-83166666 per capita consumption: 200 yuan this figure is red brother Jia Fu Sohu first, original, reproduced please indicate.相关的主题文章: