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Software Putting your confidential information on lock and key is not only sound business practice but ensuring that you are following the law as well. As the organization grows so does the need for more tools to store voluminous data through Cloud .puting or remote storage, but how can you protect those information when control is taken right out of your hands? This is where IBM Optim data privacy solutions can help you. This package can help protect your sensitive data according to government regulations so you wont pay the hefty fines and you prevent information leaks. Elements of Optim Test Data Management There are several .ponents to the IBM data solutions package. These include the Optim Designer which enables you to delineate privacy specifications in data management before submitting it to remote storage unit. The data can then be accessed only by you or your authorized representative through the management console. The Optim management Console is an application that you can utilize to monitor your data. You can access this through the Internet browser that is connected to the Optim server. Meanwhile, the Optim Executor gives you the leeway to test the data service before uploading the information to the Cloud. Hiring a software vendor with IT expertise can help you with a pre- and post-test analysis to make sure nothing is out of place. Data Management Service The IBM Optim also offers proxies and management servers. Before you run a management service, it must first .municate with a server and proxy, and this server will also house the registry or repository. The IBM Optim test data management equips you with the wherewithal to convert data or copy information in different graphical representations. According to its website, the Optim offers you the following strategies: you can apply discovery techniques to protect your confidential information, design a management service strategy that will en.pass all data, implement programs to boost security within your organization, and discover the weaknesses in your .panys structural framework and .e up with possible solutions to those same types of problems. Three data privacy options With the privacy solutions, you can cloak the data through three options: the rule-based, lookup and the Java Script. To explain, the rule-based utilizes functions to hide data, the lookup utilizes tables to keep data secret while Java Script will demarcate the information so it wont be easily accessed. Through the IBM Optim data privacy solution, you would be able to use the lookup to covert values with the corresponding counterpart from the table columns. With your rule-based solution, you can hide your ID number, credit card number, social security number or other pertinent data that are vulnerable to identity thieves. You can do this by creating unique values for the dates, the figures and the special characters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: