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UnCategorized To be able to say that this program offers a good affiliate residual income, the following elements should be present: regular monthly fee, on time payment, promotes a good product, no links with other affiliates and less obvious contact info. A good affiliate residual income is a persistent earning that comes from selling a subscription service. As long as the client continues to subscribe with you, as an affiliate you are entitled to receive a continuous payment. Below are some things to look for a good affiliated residual income. Regular Monthly Fee If a merchant pays you on a monthly basis, as long as the client continues to subscribe with you, then this is a good source of residual income. Do not just opt to one time payment since most of the sites having affiliates are earning monthly or annually from their clients. It would be unfair on your part since you are the one directing sales to their company. In short, the merchants are making money from the hard work of others. On Time Payment Sometimes, merchants send payment only when you reach certain amount in your commission while, others, pay you every other month. A good affiliate residual income is an earning that goes into your account automatically and on time without having to make requests. They will give what is due to you in accordance to your performance. Promotes a Good Product See to it that the site you are promoting sells a good product. This will ensure a good affiliate residual income since you are assured that people will keep on coming back because they believe in the product and on the service you are selling. Choose a site to promote that ensures constant in flow of money such as online business, membership fees, and web hosting. No Links with Other Affiliates If you see on the site page that it has links to other affiliates, start looking for another site to promote. You might end up promoting their site without gaining anything. The sales that they will be making will be credited to the other affiliates. Less Obvious Contact Info The presence of a contact information sometimes results to loss of profit on your part because, many customers would rather choose ordering on the phone. They find it more reliable since you can clarify details of your orders through phone than online purchasing. Never jump into an affiliate program without really investigating. Ask, seek answers, and wait. Make sure you won’t lose a meal if everything goes wrong. Hopefully you are diving into a pool that is full of cash – and not into a pool, full of crocodiles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: