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Electronic sports into a professional college cited hot debate: no longer be said to abandon their studies in July 24th, Wuhan, 2016PGL summer finals, MOON and TH000 meet. Game live atmosphere. The visual map Chinese Beijing news have been criticized, all considered "work" "abandoned their studies" e-sports, finally by name, will have the opportunity to walk into the University classroom. In September 2nd, occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 additional professional in 2016, including "electronic sports and professional management, code 670411, belongs to the education and sports categories of sports. The new specialty is suitable for the higher vocational school (including the higher education college, other ordinary colleges and universities to carry on the specialized subject level education), will carry out in 2017. The same batch of new professional also includes the development and health management of young children, public welfare management, music communication, entrepreneurship and management of small and medium enterprises, big data technology and applications. As early as in 2003, electronic sports on the approval of the State Sports General Administration, China’s official launch of the ninety-ninth sports, and in 2008 was redefined as the number Seventy-eighth sports. In recent years, the development of e-sports industry is very swift and violent, and provides a huge bonus, college leagues also emerge. With the Chinese gaming clan figure in the top international competition after another gains success, the gaming is also the topic of heat continues to heat up. The Ministry of education "E-sports and management" added into college admissions professional, "king of Warcraft" Li Xiaofeng also forwarded the relevant micro-blog for the first time, and that "many times in this moment of fantasy, finally started". There are ordinary users excited, said, is no longer considered abandoned school". In August this year, Inner Mongolia, Xilingol Vocational College, established the country’s first E-sports professional courses, the use of school enterprise cooperation model. The recruitment project leader Li Ailong said, will be opened in the electronic athletics professional college degree level in the next year, after graduating from secondary school students through the school enrollment to separate ways three year college. [1] whether this means that the focus of the spring? Professional talent demand did not imagine the high society, need to observe how the feedback, as president, Inner Mongolia E-sports Association Li Ailong believes that the gaming industry is currently facing a serious talent gap. Whenever the new recruits, will spend two or three months of training, manpower costs huge." Li Ailong said that the current Chinese gaming industry output value is huge, but most businesses are not Kebanchushen, "if there is no professional basis, no industry standard specification, planning and development of the industry is not clear, many practitioners havedifficulty towards the same direction". In the view of another industry Yang Shaohua, the gaming industry market and did not imagine so much. E-sports is different from traditional sports such as soccer and basketball, there can be hundreds of projects, "said Yang Shaohua, the current market popular game project Co., like DOTA2, CSgo League, this game has a wide influence and rare items, the talent show相关的主题文章: