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So you have to eat dumplings to eat dumplings delicious love – Sohu, in addition to the juicy stuffing, the wrappers also contributed. However, if the dumplings dumplings dumplings left skin how to deal with it? (pro, you slowly roll out, so much left) today, Xiaobian teach you practical suggestions, let the rest of the wrappers minutes turned food delicious, that you have to love! ? – dumpling – By home dragon scallion cake Luigi Nono material ingredients: dumplings Peake accessories: the amount of salt, the amount of corn oil, onion tips: amount of material out of the pot add chicken Kellogg, greatly enhance the freshness, the taste delicious mellow 1 prepared raw materials: dumplings, chives, corn oil, salt 2 board 3 brush a layer of oil on the dumpling skin, then brush a layer of oil, oil, salt, onion 4 so repeatedly put a dumpling 5 rolling pin roll into a pie pan in 6, up 7 in 8 to two golden cake branded surface can be 9 crisp delicious Baked Scallion Pancake well, is very simple – mashed garlic dumpling skin – By18LS28xgl materials and ingredients: Peake Huang Guagen, dumplings accessories: ginger, garlic, salt, soy sauce, vinegar ml ml ml, 1.25 ml, 1.25 ml of sugar, sesame oil, pepper oil 1.25 ml, the practice of ginger, 1 Chili oil spicy minced garlic into a bowl; into the amount of cold boiled water, put it aside for a moment, the ginger and garlic spare 2 cucumber wash water plane silk, sprinkle salt, pickled ginger and garlic 3 grasping uniform water transferred amount transferred amount of vinegar, soy sauce 4 sugar, sesame oil, pepper oil, salt 5 transferred amount of Chili oil spicy, mixing evenly, taste salty 6 skillet pour water to boil, put the dumplings into the pot boil float 7 pickled cucumber, hold moisture, shop at the bottom of the 8 dumpling shop in the above 9 fold, cucumber pour Chili oil spicy can, can be used on the surface of red Pepper Decoration – Youpo dumplings – By winter solstice materials ingredients: dumpling skin, coriander tree accessories: vegetable oil spoon, onion grams, grams of salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, Jiang Ke tablespoons chilli flakes 12 tablespoons practice 1 dumplings 2 pila growth Strip onion ginger mince, add a little salt soy sauce mix 3 pot add water to boil open into the boiled dumpling skin till 4 remove and put in cold water, cast a cold, remove and drain in a bowl with 5 soy sauce, garlic powder, chilli powder, sprinkle with coriander 6 pot gas heated to smoke, pour in the pepper is to eat dumplings, mix – small pie – By beans? Ingredients: dumplings? Materials Peake, Huw Rob J, minced meat grams, dried fungus grams materials: onion root, ginger, soy sauce, five spice powder a little soup Spoon, egg liquid, salt, oil appropriate相关的主题文章: