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Double eleven Shopping Festival, Baidu launched a number of media exposure of fake action – tech Sohu scoop November 10th news: today, the double eleven Festival and a large number of consumers, also took the opportunity to join the army of fake promotion. In view of this situation, Baidu’s reputation with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of media China consumer network, Sohu news, consumer reports and other institutions, launched the "11.11 exposure fake, Baidu search on the headline" activities, is committed to providing a neutral and objective consumer exposure platform, to protect network consumption. It is reported that Baidu’s reputation platform initiated exposure fake activities, during the eleven years of Baidu word of mouth consumers will be exposed to fake information displayed in the relevant Baidu search results page obvious position. In the November 10th to November 30th period, Baidu’s reputation for being exposed complaints platform businesses set up a special display, users to search the "enterprise name brand name + how" or "enterprise name brand name + fake" can be seen in the Baidu display window, the window, the user can visually see the brand of the enterprise "the evaluation of Internet users" and "consumer disputes" and "media" as the evaluation content. If consumers encounter fake, false promotions or bad service and other consumer disputes, you can also collect relevant documents in Baidu reputation exposure, to provide a reference for others. During eleven, some selling businesses under the banner of "activities" in the name of the low cost as open and aboveboard fake genuine discount sale. Consumers often do not produce suspicion of cheap goods, and after the purchase and easy to produce aftermarket disputes. In the double eleven before the start, many domestic Industrial and Commercial Bureau interviewed a number of electricity providers, no "first price discount" false promotion activities, the State Quality Inspection Administration will use "big data", "cloud computing" and other technical means to carry out centralized anti-counterfeiting campaign. Industry experts said: Baidu this practice is actually in response to the requirements of SAIC, in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, clean up the business environment of the network to make a contribution." Baidu’s reputation is built up polymerization evaluation platform of Baidu business reputation as the theme, provides a neutral third party evaluation platform for the users, on the other hand, has also become an important reference document for more users to judge the site’s reputation. Reporters in a business platform Baidu word of mouth page to see, consumer exposure, not only from the consumer’s consumer disputes, as well as the seller to expose consumers malicious slander event. Thus, Baidu reputation not only for consumers escort, and third party to provide reliable protection mechanism for all Internet users. It is understood that the day before Baidu launched the "free business reputation claim" function, has attracted Microsoft, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, today’s headlines, millet and other enterprises. Relevant data show that Baidu word of mouth has more than 22 million 500 thousand registered businesses registered businesses, attracting a large number of users to publish a true evaluation. It can be seen, Baidu reputation has gradually become an important medium for businesses and consumers, consumers and consumers to communicate, safeguard the interests of all Internet users. [Internet] [source: McKinley] commissioning editor: Wang相关的主题文章: