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Don’t poke the scissors hand than straight posture was the self introduction: a survey in Japan, with a girl taking pictures with different self posture, the girls mouth Straw posture, beyond the other position, become the first pose! Still use scissors hand self you should take a look at these stars in his self posture! (source: Claire net) the stamp straight in addition to bite Straw self posture posture, many gay friends around the small Jia said that girls with the food self posture is quite impressive, this seemingly unintentional "shot put" it will give people a lovely feeling. Park Shin Hye Park Shin Hye during the filming of "doctor", in INS upload a photo of the car fans certification meal in the photo, the goddess of juice, Meng Meng da! Park Shin Hye shooting the gap, also do not forget to eat an ice cream and actor self selling than ordinary look, adorable, this natural feeling is not more exciting stamp?! Miranda Kerr and Miranda Kerr freaky demonstration version with sunglasses, innocent and lovely than a more handsome and dashing, super full model! Gigi Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Gigi side Straw Yan as domineering side leakage, cool also show a hot body! Yoona young and Xu Xian this "Straw pose" is often used as self bestie have special posture, SNSD’s Yoona and Xu Xian together duzui sell adorable, this position also can highlight the innocent eyes, is really cut male weapon! So I want to use Straw selfies Straw selfies to attract straight eyes, first you need to draw a innocent natural makeup, because if you look very messy, Straw pictures from other will be very hypocritical! Innocent eyes in hand, I have Straw self! Figure Step1: Eye Shadow matte steps the color of the play in the double fold line, close to the lower eyelid eyelashes part also sweep the shadow. Step Step2: choose a dark brown color eye shadow, dizzy in the eye and eye at the end of the corner of the eye slightly drooping. Step Step3: in the lower corner of the eye with a brown eye shadow sketch, the position can be lower than the horizontal line of the eye head. Step Step4: use dark brown eye shadow instead of eyeliner, close to the direction of the eye lashes, eyes will be very gentle and lovely. complete相关的主题文章: