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Donkey mother Huang Chunxiang: convey the idea of ecological services – Sohu enjoy the ecological tourism recently, the 2016 giants summit held in Beijing Wanda Royal hotel. Summit invited travel agencies, hotels, airlines, domestic and foreign payment and financial institutions and other tourism elite participants. YeePay CEO and co-founder Tang Bin, way home network senior vice president, chief operating officer at sea, CEO Wu Weilve road trip, donkey mother travel CMO Huang Chunxiang, Chinese Unicom tourism industry development manager Li Ling were speaking to share. After the meeting, the international online ecology of China Channel donkey mother travel network CMO Huang Chunxiang interview. Donkey mother is a self-help travel for the characteristics of tourism e-commerce network in the country, put forward to promote the construction of ecological civilization, the development of ecological tourism at the same time the donkey mother to respond positively to the national call to create "development model Internet plus global tourism, ecological tourism into the global tourism, ecological tourism in innovation to boost green development. Huang Zong believes that eco-tourism is a complete ecological system. Eco friendly experience from the tourist attractions, the use of eco products, enjoy ecological services, there are some ecological sharing on the network, is a closed loop. Vigorously develop eco-tourism, it is necessary to OTA+ scenic + local government + tourists, connected to form an interactive system. OTA plays an important role in this interactive system. It is the connection between the tourists and the scenic spots, to convey the concept of ecological, ecological communication product development and packaging, so the development of eco tourism must not only confined to the tourism industry, but to the local government and the depth of interaction, and scenic spots, to the whole work force, promote ecological tourism development. Donkey mother from three aspects of the concept of eco-tourism into the modern tourism website. First, product packaging ecology. I think that ecology is also a concept, donkey mother has been focused on product research and development to make more eco friendly products. Two is the user experience ecology. Donkey mother in ensuring the premise of ecological environment, the user experience will be more convenient to allow visitors to enjoy efficient service. Three is the brand promotion ecology. Donkey mother in the promotion and promotion of the brand at the same time have been doing to the ecological label of public welfare activities, while the promotion of the brand to achieve the purpose of promoting ecological civilization. On the planning and development of the future direction of asinine mom website, Huang Zong stressed: the future of the donkey mother development is the inevitable result of ecology, allowing visitors to enjoy the ecological service in tourism, experience the joy of travel, this is our pursuit of the ecological environment. So the mother’s slogan called "free to travel the world to find the donkey mother".相关的主题文章: