Doing dishes, as in – Sohu and ZouZiPa coscoqd

Doing dishes, as in it – Sohu eat and drink in a sunny day, I met this particular restaurant. Its name is "ZouZiPa", very personal independence of conduct around. Appearance is an independent villa, surrounded by green vines. Approached the restaurant, first through a wall of books, a simple table and chairs. In such situations the rest of the chat birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, tea, it is a great pleasure. Into the two floor, there are open seats and balcony seats. The environment is very comfortable. Most of the food in the shop is handmade. Seemingly ordinary, but in reality after a tedious process, to be able to get on the desktop. Tableware is the artist boss specially selected, the wobble collocation is hard, and the environment here echoes ~ yezhulin mix of beef, beef thickness moderate, spicy flavor. Shredded chicken, chicken meat is tender and limited. The chicken is in the shape of silk, has been seasoned, easy to eat. This package, like skin shrimp dumplings, Q bomb, wrapped inside the meat stuffing and shrimp. Caviar embellishment, both a sense of lubrication, and can produce "burst bead" feeling. Just look at the Stewed fish in pickles, red and green peppers have been salivating at the soup, fish ~ delicate white, eat hot and sour appetizer. There are a lot of pickles and pickled radish. Braised gentian, Gentiana meat is tight elastic tender, it has always been my love. In practice, make it taste more delicious. Seaweed fish willow, fried seaweed crisp and not oil. Fish wrapped in golden crisp fried skin, rich taste of many. Salty melon fried fish, eat seafood stew pretty ~ radish, this is probably the most delicious I eat radish! After the dry cargo seafood stew turnip to absorb the flavor, taste, soft and juicy, this dish is the absolute protagonist! Pineapple shrimp, half a pineapple? Qingsa free tomato shrimp. Look at the presentation, it is sweet and sour taste. Shrimp is razor clam shells teeth ~ elatior, this season’s razor eats continuous, little taste of love. But more than the fresh sweet juice to clam scrambled eggs, is very suitable for! Pumpkin taro, taro thin and long, with a little sweet taste. Pumpkin red dates collocation to make people satisfied. The staple food, eat the sweet potato powder, good ~ dish crab muscovy duck soup, rare combination. But there is no sense of violation and oh ~ name: ZouZiPa Restaurant Address: No. 110, Huli Haitian road 13 source villa Dehui (Garden opposite the Lake Center Primary School) Tel: 0592-5753178 13606087627 09:30-21:30 Business Hours: Monday to Sunday相关的主题文章: