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Business In the previous article, we discussed how blogs caj help you generata traffic for your main website. But what if you dont have anotheR site? Or shat if you want your blog to be your main websitd, the exclusive carrier of your moneymaking ventures This can be achieved, of course. Such is the versatility of web logs. Standalone blogs ‘re best utilized for online businessmen or womej who have decided to pUrsue what many people call as inching. Yes, the word is ungrammatical, but it is a term that many Internet marketers have .e to embrace with fondness. Inching involves the creation of many sites that cater to particular niches. Niches, of course, are very specialized markets, most of which are so obscure that they do not garner the attention of businesses, hence creating high demands with low supplies. The purpose of inching is to find these markets and provide for their needs. These enterprising businessmen would earn through the following ways: * Creating and eventually selling products that aim to serve the said niches. * Selling existing products that the said niches need. * Providing for information that the members of the said niches can access for free, and enrolling the site that contains the information in a Pay per Click (PPC) program like Google AdSense. Regardless of what path the online entrepreneur decides to take, he should first create a site that serves as the repository of his .mercial methods. Niches can be very rewarding. Since there is but a few .petitions in the field, your search engine placement is sure to be higher than usual. Traffic should also be at a sustainable level since the members of a niche have nothing else to visit. This will mean a greater possibility for more sales, if youre selling a product or a higher Click through Rate (CTR) if youre enrolled in a PPC program. Now, making a site can be quite cumbersome. You have to deal with the aspects of web design, graphic creation, and content writing among other concerns. What more when you have to create numerous sites for numerous niches? Thankfully, blogs will make things a whole lot easier for you. Every online marketer who has attained success with niche marketing can attribute this to their proper exploitation of blogs. Whereas it would take you a couple of weeks to .e up with 10 websites, it would only take you a couple of hours to .e up with 10 blog sites. The sheer convenience and ease of web logs have made inching a very potent business model. Blogs can very much substitute for a regular website. As we have previously discussed, high quality content is, ultimately, what will drive traffic to your site, and this kind of content can easily be carried through a blog. Also, you dont have to change the entire page whenever you want to update your content, as you would with a regular website. With blogs, all you have to do is to write your update in a designated box and press the publish button. Of course, different blogging software have various features, but none .es more loaded than WordPress Blogging is the way to go if you want to create, and maintain, several niche sites. And WordPress is the weapon of choice for most Internet marketers. To fully realize the potentials of the medium, therefore, you should be able to exploit all the features that WordPress does offer. Again, David Pinehursts excellent report on powerful WordPress secrets will help you excel in this area. Look out for the next article, where were going to discuss how you could efficiently integrate the Google AdSense program into your blog, and make it a passive in.e generating machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: