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Fitness-Equipment If you write a compilation about tips on training young horses, you could get a volume as thick as any dictionary. There was never any limits on tips related to training young horses; and like opinions, most of these tips were never proved to be wrong or right. Really, these tips are important for horse trainers in their quest to build up a young horse’s behavior and physical characteristics. For those who are beginning horse training, the large amount of tips on training young horses can drive them to madness. Some principle and techniques that abound can be opposing to each other; making the perplexity more obvious. However, to actually learn about training young horses, one has to be receptive to trying out different techniques by combining different horse training routines. Here are some of the most common but effective training tips for young horses that have been practiced by a lot of trainers for generations. The average age that a horse can start training is about five years old. Although horses are still very young at this age and therefore should not be trained severely because an ironfisted training program at this age can harm their physical development. At this age, we should focus on letting the horse feel what it is like under the saddle. Any horse training plan depends on the breed of the horse being trained. Horses have slow and fast learners just like humans. For example, the mountain horse, which can be trained under the saddle as early as two years of age. Or the Arabians, which are especially slow on their development; Therefore, at two years old, they can barely be trained for anything yet. Even under one breed, individual horses still have their own development pace to change your horse training program accordingly. While it is true that horses can start training at five or even two years old, young horses should in no way experience a training program that is intendent for fully-grown horses. Training classes for younger horses should start with fifteen to thirty minutes of training periods. In the training of young horses, the training environment has a very important role. For instance, deep layers of soft sand in the riding ring might not be a good idea for young horses as they will have to pull harder to move their feet out of the sand. Also, it could be stressful for a young horse’s developing legs to train in an incline ground; therefore, a level field is preferable. onkeyup="cntWords(this,document.postform.c)"> About the Author: 相关的主题文章: