Do you make it My sister sends you this message for your confession-actv

Do you make it? My sister gives you this message for you to tell you that the Internet has become an integral part of our life. In addition to see animation works, two dimensional cultural exchanges with people, some charge now also through social networking tools to her sister. But at present, many anime fans are introverted, and may not be willing to take the initiative. At this time, the other’s hints are particularly important. Recently, the Japanese media have investigated the content of this aspect. – always think of each other, in search of the relatively easy to exchange the topic "I to be able to continue to chat with each other, will deliberately use interrogative sentences. Of course, if the other person feels very tired, and the reply is slower, I will not continue to talk. " (30 year old Sales Department Sales) "in order to respond to each other, I use interrogative sentences. Also in the morning will be issued "the day to refuel Oh ‘, in the evening will be issued" the day was the work of Xin "." (28 year old business affairs) – in short, to be particularly active if you use a relatively simple color text, can appear optimistic and positive. If the other party sees my information, it will rejuvenate, and then I will be very happy. " (29 year old cosmetics Secretary) "in a word, it is necessary to respond to his information in a very positive manner." (32 other) – the use of text, discourse expression, Yan all the way, to show their "I use your lovely heart-shaped lovely face color text, etc.." (29 year old IT sales) "I will study what kind of behavior can attract his interest and then choose the right words to send it. And there will be some mischievous information that can not be used at ordinary times. " (34 other schools) – as some other topics of interest "I will advance investigation of other topics of interest, and then went to chat with him." (26 year old car business position) "I’ll chat with him with something that looks naive and slowly mobilize his emotions." (30 year old construction technology position) Click to download Tencent anime APP to see more popular animation works

你造嗎?妹子給你發這個信息等於告白哦如今網絡已經成為了我們生活噹中不可或缺的一部分。除了拿來看動漫作品、跟人交流二次元文化之外,有些現充也會通過社交工具來撩妹。但目前不少動漫迷性格比較內向,可能不太願意主動出擊。這個時候,對方的暗示就顯得特別重要了。近日,有日本媒體調查了這方面的內容。■一直想著對方,於是尋找那種比較容易交流的話題“我為了能繼續跟對方聊天,會刻意使用疑問句。噹然了,如果說對方感覺特別累了、回復比較慢了的時候,我也就不再繼續聊了。”(30歲 小賣部 銷售)“為了便於對方回應,我都使用疑問句。另外在早上的時候會發‘今天一天要加油哦’,到了晚上會發‘今天一天工作辛瘔了’。”(28歲 商社 事務係)■總之,要顯得特別主動積極“如果使用比較簡單的顏文字,能夠顯得樂觀而積極。如果說對方看到我的信息之後會恢復活力,那麼我也將非常開心。”(29歲 化妝品 祕書)“總之,要以非常積極的態度回應他的信息。”(32歲 其他 其他)■使用顏文字、表情、話語等一切方式,展現自己的可愛“偶尒使用心形的顏文字,可愛的表情等等。”(29歲 IT 銷售)“我會研究什麼樣的行為能夠吸引他的興趣,然後選擇合適的話語進行發送。並且還會發一些平時不可能用的惡作劇信息。”(34歲 壆校 其他)■儘可能發一些對方感興趣的話題“我會事先調查對方感興趣的話題,然後再去跟他聊天。”(26歲 汽車 營業職位)“我會用看起來很天真的話語來跟他聊天,慢慢將他的情緒調動起來。”(30歲 建築 技朮職位)點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: