Department of state can do things on the Internet may not require the masses to

Department of state: can do things on the Internet can not ask the masses to deal with the masses are handling government procedures. Data figure Beijing News recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on accelerating the" Internet plus government service "work" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the requirements before the end of 2017, the provincial government and relevant departments of the State Council completed the integration of online government service platform. In order to shorten the processing time, reduce the cost of business and service people, the "opinions" of the three "who", "who can share the reuse materials through the network, the enterprises and the people shall not be required to submit duplicate; who can pass the verification of the information network, other units shall not be required to repeat; who can realize the online handle matters not required to handle the scene." By the end of 2017 to build an integrated online government service platform, opinions clearly promote the goal. By the end of 2017, the provincial government, the relevant departments of the State Council to build an integrated online government service platform, a comprehensive open government services, government services standardization, network level significantly improved. By the end of 2020, the realization of the Internet and e-government services covering the depth of integration, the overall linkage, the national Department of coordination, the provincial co-ordination, a network for the "Internet plus government service system. "Opinions" will speed up the government information resource sharing mutual recognition, to promote cross regional management, remote services for cross level and cross sector collaboration for linkage. At the same time, will also carry out the analysis of the service data, grasp and predict the service needs of the public, to provide intelligent and personalized service, such as the people to apply for unemployment benefits, employment will recommend some information to him." In addition, will actively use the third party platform, to carry out the reservation inquiries, license sent, and online payment services. The household registration registration matters such as the implementation of the "opinions" requirement to promote online processing services online for. Specific Internet matters, including a number of content, should be implemented online acceptance, online processing, online feedback, so government affairs should be done on the whole online". Aspects of the enterprise, including business registration, annual report, change cancellation, project investment, production and operation, trademark patents, qualification, tax management, safety and other related services. Residents include service matters related to their health, education, social security, household household employment, housing security etc.. Huang Huang, associate professor of Peking University School of government believes that the paper can provide services through the network through the network to provide services, and lists the items that are listed, the problem is to focus on the implementation, because it is the most important and most frequent handling, the problems need to be solved are affecting people and enterprises the event, but also affect the economic life of an important event, to achieve major breakthroughs. The focus of construction of electronic certificate database and unified identity authentication system of the "opinions" also requires government information sharing. By the national development and Reform Commission led integration to build a unified platform for data sharing and exchange system, realize the data through barriers, departments and levels of data information interoperability, full sharing, especially to accelerate the population, legal person, geography, social credit information database based on internet.相关的主题文章: