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Home-and-Family If you’re planning to relocate to the Houston area, Katy has a lot to offer. Located just 25 miles outside of Houston, Katy .bines small town charm with a rich variety of neighborhood cultures and types. You’ll find homes in Katy that range in style from one bedroom apartments and condos all the way up to luxury estates in some of the most luxurious planned .munities in the state. The cost of homes in Katy ranges from under $100,000 to over $2 million, with many homes falling into the affordable range. No matter what your price range, though, you’ll find dozens of homes in Katy that fit your budget and your dreams. Katy was originally incorporated as a city in 1945, Katy is still divided into two sections by most of those who live there. There is Old Katy, the section of the area that is actually within the city limits, and there is Katy Area, which en.passes all of the area that is served by the Katy Independent School District, one of the most highly recognized ISDs in all of Texas. Katy Amenities: Located at the meeting point of three counties, Katy offers a refreshing blend of neighborhood charm and big city amenities. Only 25 miles west of Houston, you’ll find a wonderful .munity that en.passes over 180 square miles. The population of over 150,000 is served by an award-winning school district and churches of all denominations. It is home to the new Katy Mills mall, with over 1.6 million square feet of 200 stores, theme restaurants and anchor shopping areas, and to two multi-screen movie theaters, in addition to dozens of other entertainment venues. Katy Amenities: Over the past eight years, Katy has benefited from a thriving economy driven by construction, technology and agriculture, which has attracted new residents in record numbers. Many new homes in Katy are located in master planned .munities, offering a wide range of services and amenities within a few short blocks of home. From the wide appeal of Canyongate, with its gated neighborhoods and open villages, to the stunning natural surroundings of Woodcreek Reserve, there are available homes in Katy to appeal to all tastes and living styles. Katy Schools: One of the major drawing points of Katy is its award-winning school district. The KISD has been lauded year after year for high quality education at all levels. From neighborhood pre-schools to its eight district high schools, Katy offers the best in education to all of its children. In addition to the public schools, Katy is also home to many private and public charter schools to suit every child in the district. The KISD is open and accessible to parents, and works hard to involve the entire .munity in the process of educating the .munity’s children, making Katy an ideal choice for a family with young and school-age children. Beyond high school, Katy also is home to two universities and one .munity college, and is within a few miles of over a dozen other colleges and universities, offering many opportunities for higher education. Recreation in Katy: When you make your home in Katy, you’ll find dozens of opportunities for recreation, both indoors and out. Most of Katy’s many subdivisions have their own playgrounds, pools, water attractions and parks to provide recreation and enjoyment for residents. In addition, there are a number of city and county parks that offer lighted tennis courts, swimming pools, softball and hardball fields, basketball courts and more. For the golf lovers, there are over a dozen golf clubs and greens in and around Katy, both public and private, and the nature lover will find a multitude of nature trails, hiking trails and bike routes to add to their enjoyment of the outdoors. Entertainment and Culture in Katy: Katy is only a short drive from one of the nation’s most cosmopolitan cities. Houston offers the ultimate in fine arts museums, opera, theater and dining, as well as a glittering night life to please any socialite. But one hardly has to go as far as Houston to find entertainment and culture in Katy. The city boasts the internationally known Imperial Gardens Museum, a museum of Chinese Imperial culture as well as other attractions. The annual Rice Festival is a hometown event that brings everyone together to celebrate with over 300 booths and exhibitors, and the Folk Life festival, which celebrates the heritage of the city with a trip back into the past. Buying a Home in Katy: There are many options for buying homes in Katy, including builders’ specials, resale homes, condominiums and townhouses. If you’re looking to relocate in the Houston area, consult with a Katy realtor to find the perfect home for your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: