Cultural relics and calligraphy and painting undercurrent lurking donation was once a very

Painting was donated cultural relics — latent undercurrent of Jiangxi channel — original title: cultural relics and heavy donations were lurking undercurrent of heavy thing in September 7th "art review", "the special report of all the descendants of Pang Laichen and the Museum of Nanjing dispute case investigation", reading people feeling a lot. This is the transition of the society, an example of cultural transfer of calligraphy and painting. Like the southern painting north of the Qing Dynasty, the history is constantly reacting. A similar dispute surfaced, although not much, but the public fight underwater currents lurk, far from Mandarin can change constantly like cloud and wave, concise and to the point that. This year, the "Wenhui" and "Shanghai Science Review", has been the author and his son Zhou Yiliang Memorial week uncle?. Especially Wang Guizhen "hidden room Yangcheng week uncle? The letter" published by Yi Liang Chou yuan, ("Shanghai review" May 22, 2016) disclosure May 19, 1952, week day letter very eye-catching uncle?. On May 13th, Tangshan participated in the new factory "three evils" denounced the meeting back, "then I became a man away from the ghost……. I now decided all the books (books and foreign language books, the government intends to donate), Beijing also specified." ("Beijing map" phrase seems to have missed two words) comments on this letter below second, especially can not be ignored, "Weng diary June 29, 1952:" Zheng Xidi? (Zheng Zhenduo) to donate books. Zhao Feiyun (case Zhao Wanli) thought it was an accident. August 31st: ‘Zhang Congyu, Zhao Wanli, Gao Xiceng come to collect books.’ " This annotation provides an important detail. Obviously, this week uncle? To donate books, Zheng Zhenduo personally to Tianjin, thus to implement and accelerate the week’s donation. In this regard, Tianjin governor Huang Jingpa don’t say something, even the manager Zhao Wanli also surprised, did not think things come so soon. "Important books 715, 2672 copies. Zhang Heng, Zhao Wanli (back)." Here, Zheng Zhenduo is an upright black Bao, Zhang Congyu and Zhao Wanli is the Mahan dynasty. As early as in 1950, Zheng Zhenduo summarized in the work of cultural relics in the past year, "since liberation, people have donated private collections of books and cultural relics to the people’s government day by day." "In this year, donations of important cultural relics, Guo Liu Su had donated the Jizi white plate, Zhu Guicui donated giyang Wang family cultural relics, the donation can bear?? Zhang Zihou, Han Shiyang donation, Zhang Boju donated the letters, Dong Qichang picture, Zhao Shiluo donated water conservancy information, write a song Hong norimasa Stephen Fu Zhongmo donated, and other comprehensive literature collection of various editions in the Ming Dynasty, Song Yuan Ming, and notes Changshu Qu brothers donated, Weng Zhixi donated the song and the Ming and Qing Dynasties edition copy school-based books, these are just a few examples." (Zheng Erkang editor, "Zheng Zhenduo art archaeological anthology". Heritage Press, September 1988 edition) on 1953, Zheng Zhenduo and the director of the identity of the national cultural relics in Shanghai, gave a letter to Xu Senyu, named Laichen Pang collection Qiu Ying’s "Jiangnan Spring", indicating "not said". Huang Chang that year, claiming to be the fans, not only unrequited love with "sweet Huang Zongying", also has the good hand, quietly and respectfully, straight to the famous Zheng Zhenduo personally autograph. But he later in the frequent quarrelling temper, once turned on once admired citee Mr. Big tucao". Most of the books because the hows and whys, together with the bulk of the insider can comprehend by analogy. Su Jing writing "Modern Library thirty", "Zhou uncle?" and "Zheng Zhenduo from the solemn shrines xuanlan hall" both in parallel. With the history of contemporary culture research before the characters, the evaluation of Zheng Zhenduo, all the way to a lot of praise. 可是,大人物亦如大树,一日之际,随着阳光的直射反衬变化,视觉也应该是多方面的。 Master huang shang Yan never Pavilion at the end of Mr. citee Mr. complaints review Zhou t? Hasty Book donations, Pang Laichen generation of collectors or their families has donated cultural relics and examples, now I think, and there are more space for discussion. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun) 文物书画暗流潜伏 捐赠曾经是很沉重的事–江西频道–人民网 原标题:文物书画暗流潜伏 捐赠曾经是很沉重的事 9月7日的《艺术评论》,其特别报道《收藏大家庞莱臣后人与南京博物院纠纷案调查》,读后让人感慨良多。这是社会鼎革之际,文物书画转移的一个实例。和清朝开国后的南画北渡一样,历史不断在重演。类似的纠纷,虽然浮出水面的并不多,但水下暗流潜伏、波谲云诡的公私争斗,远非官话可以简明扼要地说来。 今年以来,《文汇学人》和《上海书评》,陆续有人撰文纪念周叔?、周一良父子。特别是羊城王贵枕《可居室藏周叔?致周一良函笺注》的摘要发表,(《上海书评》2016年5月22日)披露1952年5月19日,周叔?这天的信函很醒目。谈其5月13日,参加过唐山启新工厂“三反”批斗大会归来,“从此我从鬼变成人矣。……我现决定将全部藏书(善本与普通本、外文书籍)捐献政府,拟指定交北京图也。”(“北京图”一语,似有漏字)此信下面有两个注释,第二个尤其不可忽略,“?翁日记1952年6月29日:‘郑西谛(案郑振铎)来谈捐书事。赵斐云(案赵万里)以为是意外大事。’8月31日:‘张葱玉、赵万里、高希曾来取藏书。’” 这条注释提供了一个重要的细节。很显然,闻讯周叔?要捐出藏书,是郑振铎亲自出马到津门来,由此落实并加快了周的捐赠之举。对此,不要说天津主政者黄敬怕有隐情,就连经办人赵万里也深感意外,没想到事情来得这么快。“重要善本书籍715种,2672册。(点收)张珩、赵万里。”在这里,郑振铎是一身正气的黑面包公,张葱玉和赵万里乃王朝马汉。 早在1950年,郑振铎于《一年来的文物工作》总结里说:“自解放以来,人民自动把私人收藏的图书、文物捐献给人民政府的一天天的多。”“在这一年里,捐献的文物,重要的有刘肃曾捐献的虢季子白盘,朱桂萃捐献的岐阳王世家文物,熊述?捐献的能原?,张子厚捐献的汉石羊,张伯驹捐献的宋人尺牍、董其昌画卷,赵世逻捐献的水利资料,傅忠谟捐献的宋写本洪范政鉴,百衲本资治文献鉴和其他宋元明本,常熟瞿氏兄弟捐献的宋元明刻本及钞本,翁之熹捐献的宋金刊本和明清抄校本书等,这些只是举几个例子而已。”(郑尔康编,《郑振铎艺术考古文集》。文物出版社,1988年9月版)另在1953年,郑振铎又以国家文物局长的身份,给人在上海的徐森玉致信,点名庞莱臣藏品中仇英的《江南春》,指示曰“非要不可”。黄裳当年,自称是追星族,不仅单相思恋着“甜姐儿”黄宗英,也曾手持佳本,默默而恭敬地,直要大名家郑振铎亲自签名留念。但他暮年在斗气文章里频发脾气,有一次竟然对曾经仰慕的西谛先生“大吐槽”。始末缘由,大半因藏书的聚与散有关,内幕可以触类旁通。 苏精撰著的《近代藏书三十家》,《周叔?自庄严龛》和《郑振铎玄览堂》双双并列在册。之前的人物与现当代文化史研究,对郑振铎的评价,都是一路褒扬多多。可是,大人物亦如大树,一日之际,随着阳光的直射反衬变化,视觉也应该是多方面的。从来燕榭主人黄裳先生最后对西谛先生的抱怨,反思周叔?仓促捐书,庞莱臣等一代藏家自己或家属先后捐献文物书画的例子,现在我觉得,这里面其实还有再讨论的空间。 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章: