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Cui Shunshi was accused of using the office of the president at the presidential palace to navigate the vehicle original title: Cui Shunshi Chong Wa Dae lying? Cui Shunshi continued to accept inquiries for inferior re exposure of South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" event actress Cui Shunshi in October 31st in Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office investigation by prosecutors in the emergency detention. The prosecution intends to prove Cui Shunshi’s suspicion within 48 hours and apply for an arrest warrant. South Korean media reports, Cui Shunshi’s personal relationship with its access to the presidential palace and park Geun hye of Chong Wa Dae ", the office of the president also smoothly" the use of vehicles. There may be evidence of destruction in the afternoon of October 31st, Cui Shunshi went to the Seoul central district attorney’s office for investigation. Later that day, prosecutors decided to implement the emergency detention for her. According to South Korean law, prosecutors in the absence of an arrest warrant can be detained for up to 48 hours Cui Shunshi. Prosecutors said that within 48 hours to prove the suspect Cui Shunshi and apply for arrest warrant. The reason for her detention is as soon as possible, because the prosecution believes that at present Shunshi Cui denies all the suspects, the possibility of destruction of evidence; and, before she fled overseas, at home and not living in the household, there is no fixed residence, it may have fled; third, her present mood is very unstable, if released. There may be an unexpected situation. Yonhap reported that Cui Shunshi arrived in Seoul on the afternoon of October 31st the prosecutors’office when surrounded by reporters, looked very nervous. The early morning of November 1st, Cui Shunshi took the bus to the prison prosecution office, continue to accept inquiries. Chong Wa Dae will cooperate with the investigation of South Korean media reports, park Geun hye in February 2013 after entering the Chong Wa Dae, Cui Shunshi had frequent access to Chong Wa Dae, and do not accept security. However, Cui Shunshi did not hold any public office, and did not undergo a security review. In addition, Cui Shunshi also traced to the use of the office of the president of the vehicle. In November 1st, a reporter asked in an interview with the Chong Wa Dae Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo provide the relevant import record of Chong Wa Dae Shunshi cui. Zheng Ranguo responded that if the relevant information does not violate security regulations, Chong Wa Dae will cooperate with the investigation. He also said: "for the country, I hope everyone in the The case is entirely cleared. to stay cool." The stage director Li Yuanzhong said the Secretary Qingwa questioned by Congress last month: "I have never seen Cui Shunshi to Chong Wa Dae, have not heard of or know this." According to Xinhua news agency editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: