Ctrip plans to issue $900 million convertible bonds and other shareholders to subscribe for Baidu w32dasm

Ctrip plans to issue $900 million of convertible bonds such as Baidu shareholders to subscribe for Sina Technology News September 7th evening news, ctrip.com announced plans to issue 28 million 500 thousand shares of American depositary receipts "price of $45.96 per share, per depositary receipts equivalent to 0.125 ordinary shares; also issued $900 million senior convertible bonds (hereinafter referred to as" the convertible bonds "). Ctrip also provides options to the Underwriters, allowing it to purchase an additional 4 million 275 thousand shares of American depositary receipts within the next 30 days as possible oversubscribed." It is reported that Ctrip existing shareholders of Baidu and Priceline have been pledged by way of non-public offering, the American depositary receipts issued at the end of $100 million and $25 million of ordinary shares were subscribed by their Ctrip Affiliated Companies. The use of point of view, the public offering of American depositary receipts and synchronization to Baidu and non Priceline net income of public offering of ordinary shares for the core business growth of complementary business and asset acquisitions and investments, and other general corporate purposes. Priceline will participate in the issuance, also pledged by way of non-public offering, Ctrip in the issuance of convertible bonds will be completed by a Affiliated Companies to Ctrip subscription $25 million of convertible bonds due in 2022. Ctrip identified a total of $900 million, in 2022 due to the issuance of convertible bonds pricing. Data show that the initial conversion price of convertible bonds is about $65.49 per depositary receipts, equivalent to the closing price in September 6, 2016 – on the basis of $45.96 per depositary premium of about $42.5%. Program shows that holders of convertible bonds can be converted to 15.2668 U.S. dollars per share of $1000 to carry out the United States depository receipts, each depositary receipts in the announcement of the day equivalent to the ordinary shares of the 0.125 shares ctrip. Ctrip earlier confirmed that the net income of the issue of convertible bonds will also be used for the growth of the core business, the acquisition and investment of complementary business and assets, etc.. (Xu Li)相关的主题文章: