Cry! Huaihua a car climb step into the Boiled dumplings shop at midnight (video)-fkzww

Cry! Huaihua a car "climb" step into the night at the original title: Boiled dumplings shop! The car rushed into the store at night Boiled dumplings at Mayang area, no casualties Huaihua news the evening of November 5th, a car suddenly out of control in the intersection of Mayang, into a roadside shop, but fortunately no casualties, but people still suffering from the shock. About 11:30 that evening, living in Mayang at the junction of a footbath shop upstairs 4 floor of Grandma Wang has been in bed, suddenly a loud noise, she will wake from sleep. The sound came from the window. What happened? She hurried downstairs to see, it was found to be a black car to blame, and the scene has been around a lot of people watching. What is it, how will the car be like this?"…… We do not know the car There were many discussions. From the road, near the railway culvert on how to flush the pavement under ten meters, along the slopes and rushed on a nearly 20 cm high step, smashed a Boiled dumplings shop feet shop next door after the two glass doors. The car rushed into the store, and many desks and chairs will hit the reel right and left, reduced to fragments. Boiled dumplings shop owner Yuanmou, when the store no guests, so no casualties, only some property damage, an estimated million loss. At present, the perpetrators have reached a compensation agreement with the owner of Boiled dumplings. (reporter Intern ezorb comfortable) recommended Video: Hunan Huaihua mistakenly throttle when the brake car Lianzhuang two car two people相关的主题文章: