Constellation Scorpio you forced me to play the wonderful polygamy (Figure)-dataload

Constellation: Scorpio you forced me to play the wonderful polygamy (map) since Scorpio forced me to abort I think is wrong, he had someone out there, but he actually said that outside of the Scorpio woman is his very serious relationship, let me take this woman, set up three families…… The Sina constellation blue nose old deer love to say to the Sina constellation Scorpio forced me to play the wonderful polygamy now I really do not know how to do, I have no tears. He wanted to leave but so many years have not give up. He and I have a good 7 years, when I was a freshman, when he was the host of the new party, a white suit, what attracted me. I didn’t expect him to call me in the background. I was really two trick, hit it off, I am Aries female, my character is very partial water bottles, reserved for two weeks, gave his first. He has a strong desire to go out more than three times, and he doesn’t like to wear a suit. I also do not know what to take medicine, just on the second big pregnant. At that time, I really feel finished, he found a few buddies together money, only to destroy the child. Later, we will be more careful, every time to take medicine. Feelings have been very good, he is a typical Scorpio, I am very strong, I also like him this strong, I have been fighting with his face, but the heart still like this man. He sometimes has a sudden romance, a winter cold, we go out, he was in his pocket with a warm hand treasure, deliberately let me into his pocket, when my heart is changed.     then we graduated, I should have returned home as a teacher, as a result, he went to a small company when the HR. Fortunately, he found a good reporter, although the income more than IT finance, but also a lot of travel expenses. But he was a very special business trip, often a business trip for more than a week does not come back, I would like to have a child in particular, he secretly stopped the drug. Then, but this time his reaction is more drastic than last time, I have to call to take off the child, but he still took over later.     a woman is still sensitive, I can feel his indifference to me, began to feel that it is possible to be together for a long time, the sex life is not so frequent, and the time is short. But then I think it is wrong, because once I found him in the toilet to solve their own, I was very sad at the time, I am afraid that they really lost their charm. Then I peeked at his cell phone.     Aries certainly can not hide the fire, the day I told him the showdown, he actually said that woman and he was a very serious dating, he will not give up, but I also love, must also be responsible, he asked me to accept this fact. I wanted to cry and feel funny, really do not know whether it should be said he was shameless, or something wrong. I told him to roll, but after he left, I want to think of our youth for so many years, we can not bear the memories of me. His first.相关的主题文章: