Commercial housing farewell rose a rise, experts advise caution to invest in commercial and resident tonya mitchell

Commercial housing bid farewell to a rise are experts to remind the commercial and residential investment to buy a commercial housing will be able to earn a bowl full of surplus? Now it doesn’t seem to be. Beijing morning news reporter recently found that the same area of second-hand commercial housing transactions fold lower than the average price of second-hand residential transactions on the yuan. Some industry experts said that the end of the rise in the price of commercial and residential Beijing rose all the time, for the purpose of the purchase of the purchase of commercial and residential products need to be more cautious. The case holds 5 years of commercial housing investment income limited as many as Chen Yu (a pseudonym) to shift with Beijing commercial housing market to catch gold express. But his hopes were dashed. Mention the experience of buying a house, Chen recalled, 2011 or so, I would like to buy a new house in Beijing, Haidian. After comparison, I found that in the same region in Haidian District, commercial housing prices cheaper than the residential price. And commercial housing rents higher than residential rents. Therefore, I am determined to buy commercial housing." According to Chen Yu’s argument, he bought a small apartment in Haidian District commercial housing, priced at 10800 yuan per square meter. Compared with the newly built commercial housing nearby, the commercial housing price is 2200 yuan per square meter. He paid the first payment of about 200000 yuan housing loans, loans of $about 200000. After 5 years, the price of commercial housing rose to $20 thousand square meters. However, the nearby residential prices have risen over 40 thousand square meters." Chen Yu said that he did not buy a house, and now feel very sorry. Market in the same area of commercial housing and residential deposit difference, in fact, the situation is not the case Chen rain. Last week, the Beijing morning news reporter visited Beijing, Shijingshan District, Dongcheng District and many other areas of intermediary stores, found commercial housing and housing in the same area there is indeed a certain difference. At present, is located in Shijingshan District CRD Ginza commercial housing, the average transaction price of 45 thousand yuan per square meter. And near the ocean landscape residential area transaction price of 55 thousand yuan per square meter to $65 thousand square meters." Shijingshan District, a real estate agent in twenty-first Century, said the store, compared to the two, no commercial housing rose faster. Dongcheng District, a chain of stores the agent said, "because some residential belonging to the school dicing range, such residential and commercial housing near the post will be greater. Dongcheng District rich Park residential area, for example, the district is the school district room, the current transaction price of 90 thousand yuan per square meter to $100 thousand square meters. The free season near the commercial housing, the average transaction price of 40 thousand yuan square meters to 45 thousand square meters." From Beijing Zhongyuan market research department statistics show that in the core area of Beijing, Beijing commercial housing and housing there is a big difference, for example, is located in Chaoyang District city of the first double king (real estate information owners forum) commercial housing transaction price at 65 thousand yuan square meters, near the first international city housing transaction price of 85 thousand yuan to 95 thousand yuan square meters; in Haidian District New Hualian International commercial housing transaction price of 70 thousand yuan square meters, residential district Cuiwei near the average transaction price of 95 thousand yuan per square meter to 100 thousand yuan / square meters. )相关的主题文章: