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Comment: why cultural relics destroyed the author: Yin Liansheng   [sound] recent State Cultural Relics Bureau deployed to carry out a period of three years of "legal violations special rectification action", and focus on the exposure of four typical legal illegal destruction of cultural relics case, aroused strong concern. These destroyed cultural relics, some red revolutionary sites, and some even national key cultural relics protection units. These artifacts, both the relevant government departments of security supervision, but also the protection of cultural relics responsibility unit care, even in the eyes of everyone was severely damaged. Why is it so easy to tear down artifacts? The author thinks twice about its reasons and thinks that it is nothing more than three aspects: first, the lack of awareness of the main responsibility of the government’s cultural relics protection. "Cultural relics protection law" clearly stipulates: the implementation of the protection of territorial management, that is, the local government to assume the main responsibility for the protection of cultural relics. But many local governments have failed to take up the responsibility to protect cultural relics, and even that old, experienced groundless talk, in a modern metropolis with misfits in shreds and patches, and the construction of new countryside, disproportionate, affect the appearance of the city, as a ruin, "hull". At the same time, these immovable cultural relics are generally located in the old city, superior geographical environment, land, government land transfer, borrow the name down and remove dangerous; that is the protection of cultural relics into large, slow, and even a bottomless pit, tinkering can’t see achievements, such as the construction of several new buildings not quick, big impact many; lots of gold because of several heritage buildings and easily move, the protection scope and construction control area, land use restrictions, land revenue is affected, so the local government always do everything possible to make clear the way of cultural relics". Two is the relevant government departments of cultural relics safety supervision. Relevant government departments in the protection of cultural relics have its statutory duties, according to the law of cultural relics safety supervision responsibilities. But in fact, the management of cultural relics administrative departments belonging to vulnerable, objectively difficult more resistance, difficult to perform their duties responsibly. 2016 National Heritage Bureau statistics show that the country’s more than 2 thousand and 800 counties (districts), there are really more than 300 of the cultural relics administrative departments, only a little more than 10%. At the same time, a few departments of administration of cultural relics are unwilling to act, do not want to, not as easy as the phenomenon of cultural relics protection, lack of funds, on board personnel less, fewer people will understand the professional management. Some people in the industry, the post is not as a clear violation of "cultural relics protection law" behavior, the focus of the project is for the government departments or strong support, open eyes closed eyes, did not dare to fight, sometimes even punished according to the law, help local governments lined up plug. Not timely reporting of cases of illegal cultural relics, afraid to get involved is accountability, can cover on the cover of drag, the safety of cultural relics supervision useless. Three corporate law without fear of fear of lack of social responsibility. Enterprises of any nature have the obligation to protect cultural relics according to law, which is both legal and social responsibility. But in reality, many enterprises for their own interests, always adhere to the "money talks" concept, taxpayer easy access to government report相关的主题文章: