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Closed window can only be reduced by 2 to PM2.5? Buy purifiers look at this autumn and winter season is a multi period of air pollution, a lot of time we work in the haze. The outdoor air quality is poor, many users choose to shut the windows open air purifier. However, more office workers because of the rental housing is not the purchase of purifier products, but choose to go out or go home, close the doors and windows to reduce indoor haze. It is understood that many types of indoor air pollution, in addition to PM2.5 and other particulate matter, as well as formaldehyde, xylene and other chemical pollution, as well as pathogenic microorganisms, very complex. After closing the doors and windows, although the air can prevent the invasion of indoor air pollutants, but it may also produce a sense of indoor air dull. There are tests show that in the absence of air purifiers, even if the doors and windows closed, indoor PM2.5 concentration will be reduced by about 20% compared to the outdoor. So, when the air is only mildly polluted, we recommend that you may wish to open the window ventilation, so that indoor air circulation. In addition, even if there is an air purifier, daily life or multi window ventilation, because of indoor air pollution in addition to particulate matter, and chemical pollutants and microorganisms, there is not a universal filter can remove the pollutants in the long-term three categories. If you have a recent plan to buy air purifiers, then may wish to note the following. According to the source of pollution from the purchase of their own specific use of the environment, according to the smell of smoke in the home, is the need to remove formaldehyde, in addition to haze or eliminate other air pollutants to consider the product. The space and other factors also determine which you will start with an air purifier, the so-called local conditions to buy, or you move home air purifier may be difficult to achieve your desired results. There are several types of air purifiers at present, there are 3 common types of air purifiers on the market. A filter purification purifier, its purification effect mainly depends on the quality and function of the fan filter, the HEPA filter cost is relatively high, this kind of product can decompose toxic gases, effective sterilization, thereby inhibiting pollution two. In the later use, filter screen filter replacement costs are relatively high. The second category is no screen type purifier, the silver ion, negative ion, plasma, photocatalyst and Plasmacluster technology, showing a gradual rise of the trend of generation. The silver ion technology of high cost, low rate of killing bacteria; negative ion technology although low cost, but has certain sterilization effect; photocatalyst without replacing the filter, can sterilization, but no filtration; relatively, Plasmacluster technology is the "top", the sterilization rate close to the medical level. In addition to the above two kinds, it is to filter the filter and no filter technology combined with double air purifier, which can filter the sterilization. The current air purifier market is in this hybrid, also on a stroke above air purification effect. Mainstream purifier price geometry? At present, the mainstream market of the air purifier has the United States, YADU, Daikin, 3M, Matsushita, PHILPS, Xia Puhe, Blueair and other brands, consumers can choose a relatively large room for,.相关的主题文章: