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Apply for civil service posts of university education according to the plight of zero refraction China sound "peak Evening News" reported that in 2017 the national civil servant exam registration has been more than half the time, as of 21, the central office of the "reception director" is currently the national examination of the hottest jobs, its competitive ratio has reached 4131:1. At the same time, there are more than and 700 positions currently audited by the number of candidates, zero. Of course, these data are still changing. On the same day, the National Bureau of civil service examination and Employment Department issued a special reminder to appeal to candidates with the characteristics of the position and their own conditions, the rational choice of candidates. Overall, this year’s civil service candidates to continue in previous years, hot and cold uneven features. Last year, the hottest position competition ratio of 2568:1, but in the end there are 253 jobs no one through the audit, this year, the hottest position competition ratio reached 4131:1, and can be expected, the end of the application, there are still some zero entry position. The servant "Lengrebujun", a civil servant position zero registration, the relevant departments for candidates of rational choice, and public opinion also criticized the candidates to choose too utilitarian, not willing to go to some grass-roots departments and difficult areas do live. In my opinion, zero enrollment reflects the deep problem of employment of college graduates in china. Change for zero status, to eliminate the discrimination in recruiting jobs, and put forward the scientific requirements for the basic unit, at the same time, to improve the appeal, must allow job seekers to see business and occupation development space. Analysis of zero entry positions, basically there are two characteristics. One is to apply the high threshold, almost all zero apply for positions, have professional requirements, in addition, there are some requirements for the candidates and for the college-graduate village official, Communist Party members or members of the Communist Youth League, only bachelor degree, as well as the requirements of 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level, and require a minimum service life of 5 years. As a result, to meet the requirements of the very few. And those hot positions, basically no professional and experience requirements. Recruiting position put forward specific requirements for conditions, but are not reasonable no ground for blame,? Take degree, the state authorities Zhaolu civil servants, on the basis of the requirements of Education College, most jobs proposed bachelor degree or above, and the proposed master’s and doctoral degree requirements. This is not a good employment oriented, or even questioned as the lead in the discrimination of academic qualifications. Some management and technical positions, put forward higher requirements, has its rationality, but a considerable number of jobs, is to lower the degree threshold, even high school (vocational school) graduates can apply, some provinces of our country in recruiting civil servants, put some job requirements apply for senior high school (vocational school) graduation to determine this. To break the academic society, advocating social ability, the elimination of discrimination in education, has a positive effect. Further, our university graduates difficult, and now some employers blindly made higher education requirements, focus on graduate identity, this is "high education consumption", guide the students to pay attention to education and ignore the ability. Promote employment, fair employment environment is very important. Employers in recruiting talent, according to the actual needs of the post, determine the scientific and reasonable employment standards. Two is set)相关的主题文章: