Chuan Ali seeking shares in India’s largest electricity supplier flipkart is counter-offer-ca1835

Biography Ali seeking a stake in India’s largest electricity supplier Flipkart: [TechWeb] is a counter-offer reported on February 5th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources, the Alibaba is seeking a stake in India’s largest electricity provider platform Flipkart, but the request to Flipkart down the valuation of $15 billion from the transaction. At present, the transaction is still in negotiation stage. On May 2014, Flipkart from the Russian Internet investment company DST Global, Tiger GlobalManagement, and other investment companies financing 210 million dollars, which makes the valuation of over 5 times, now $15 billion. In India, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon subsidiaries in India, the three giants for the electricity supplier market. Last August, the Alibaba had a $500 million strategic investment in Snapdeal, the Senate voted and Fu Chi Kang and Softbank group, Fu Chi Kang is the main business of millet and HUAWEI mobile phone assembly. Reported that Alibaba also put forward a similar offer to the Snapdeal, requiring Snapdeal to reduce its $6 billion 50 million valuation. Over the past two years, the global electricity supplier giants have invested heavily in the India electricity supplier market, but this momentum is gradually becoming rational. So startups like Flipkart and Snapdeal want to succeed in investing, and it’s necessary to compromise on the company’s valuation. On the other hand, Flipkart and Snapdeal need to make up for the financial pressure caused by the expansion, and they need to attract investors’ attention and get financial support. Another threat is currently Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Amazon subsidiary in India received a total of $7 billion investment, the scale close to the India electricity supplier in 2014 total turnover. (open air)

传阿里寻求入股印度最大电商Flipkart:正在还价   【TechWeb报道】2月5日消息,据国外媒体报道,知情人士透露,阿里巴巴正寻求入股印度最大电商平台Flipkart,但请求让Flipkart下调150亿美元的估值从而促成交易。目前,该交易还在谈判阶段。   2014年5月,Flipkart从俄罗斯互联网投资公司DST Global、Tiger GlobalManagement,以及其他投资公司融资2.1亿美元,这使其估值翻了5倍,现在达150亿美元。   在印度,Flipkart、Snapdeal及亚马逊在印度的子公司,为电商市场三大巨头。去年8月,阿里巴巴曾耗资5亿美元战略投资Snapdeal,参投的还有富智康和软银集团,富智康的主营业务是小米和华为的手机组装。   报道称,阿里巴巴此次也向Snapdeal提出相似的要约,要求Snapdeal下调其60.5亿美元的估值。   过去两年,全球电商巨头纷纷投巨资到印度电商市场,不过这个劲头正逐渐变得理性。所以,像Flipkart和Snapdeal这样的创业公司想要成功获得投资,有必要在公司估值上作出一些妥协。   另一方面,Flipkart和Snapdeal需要弥补扩张带来的资金压力,他们急需吸引投资者的注目,获得资金支持。   另外的威胁来自亚马逊,目前Flipkart、Snapdeal及亚马逊在印度的子公司共获得约70亿美元的投资,这一规模接近印度2014年电商总成交金额。(露天)相关的主题文章: