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Interior-Decorating Not just in kitchens and bathrooms, tiles can be used anywhere in the homes, offices or .mercial buildings. If you are planning to decorate or renovate an old wall, then tiles are another best option to give a space a .pletely different, beautiful and unique look. Choosing tiles over plaster or other material gives you advantage of design flexibility, vast color, material choices and of course durability. There are different kinds of wall tiles in the market to choose from that vary in color, design, and pattern and obviously in cost. You can use decorative wall tiles to highlight a certain wall of the living area, bedroom or your garden. Bordered, inlays, hand painted with traditional and modern designs in bold and light colors are definitely going to take you on a fancy ride. Be it geometrical shapes, floral, human or animal figures, there is no dearth of innovative design patterns, once go on for wall tiles shopping. There are hundreds of design ideas that you can use to decorate your walls with tiles. Contemporary designer bathroom, kitchen, living or bedroom walls spice up the whole dcor. Wall tiles have been popularly used at .mercial places also to adorn showrooms, building facades. Types of Wall tiles Ceramic Tile: Glazed ceramic tiles with glossy finish .e in all colors and various designs. They can be better used at in bathrooms, gardens, pool, or kitchens as they are water proof. Ceramic or porcelain tile offer appealing backsplash in kitchens, or bathroom shower. They are strong and easy-to-maintain. Mosaic Tile: Mosaic tiles have their color throughout below the tile, thus their color remain same if the tile gets chipped off on surface. Marble Wall Tiles: Marble wall tiles are durable, strong, look elegant and bring class to the wall. Glass Wall Tiles: Glass wall tiles can be used on walls to bring the shiny, shimmering effect on the wall. Generally in drawing rooms, bedrooms or bar area they are used to highlight the backdrop. They .e in all shapes and colors. The frosted glass and bubble glass wall tiles add special effect to a wall. Vinyl Wall Tiles: Vinyl wall tiles made of synthetic materials are available in various shapes, colors and designs. They are .paratively cheaper from other counterparts. How to choose right Wall tiles Non-vitreous tiles absorb the most water and should be avoided for wet areas like showers, bathtubs and washbasins countertops. Semi-vitreous tiles have low water absorption rate so can used for splash areas. High-density, glazed porcelain tiles are .plete water proof, so make you free from any water seeping problem. Mosaic wall tiles are good for small or curved areas as their size is as small as1-2 inch squares. Mosaic tiles are available with or without a moisture-resistant glaze. Shape and size of wall tiles Installation of wall tile is basically same as installing floor tile. For flat areas, 12 inches large tiles are good and give an orderly appearance. Wall tiles can be cut to various sizes and shapes. Large pieces installation is easier than small tiles installation. Tiles can be cut neatly with ease in different shapes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: