Chongzuo City Foreign Trade jumped the first trade import and export volume break billion-isobuster

Chongzuo City Foreign Trade jumped the first trade import and export volume to break the billion Chongzuo newspaper (reporter Chen Xiulong) "now within one hour of our goods can be finished. The original inspection will be signed, the need to queue up. Paperless office is now very fast, you can operate on the phone." In November 15th, Wei Fangfang engaged in fruit trade between China and Vietnam, goods inspection by mobile phone in the test area of Pingxiang inspection and quarantine inspection hall. Chinese ASEAN border trade in Guangxi Pingxiang inspection and quarantine zone is put into use in September 10th, is the first in the border area of our country built in test. The test area to break the routine inspection and Quarantine of border trade supervision, significantly reducing the export threshold, streamlining the import procedures, speed up customs clearance. Take the lead in the opening of China test area, Chongzuo is the expansion of open cooperation, promote the development of border trade pilot one way. Five years, Chongzuo city border opening significantly accelerated the pace of foreign trade import and export volume has been ranked first in the region, "12th Five-Year" period the average annual growth rate of 40.1%, (the transfer Third Edition) (on the first edition) in 2015 the city’s foreign trade import and export volume increased to $17 billion, for the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan mark, become the country’s border the first big city, enjoy the "China border capital" reputation. The first three quarters of this year, the total foreign trade import and export $12 billion 431 million, continue to lead the region. In August this year, the State Council officially approved the establishment of the Guangxi Pingxiang focus on the development of open test area, clearly put the construction of the test area has become an important platform for Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperation, Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Zone upgraded version of the first area, the development of open border vanguard. This is the country to Guangxi, Chongzuo people’s "package", is an important measure to promote the "The Belt and Road" construction, improve all-round opening-up. Chongzuo’s opening to the outside world once again usher in major development opportunities. Chongzuo Municipal Development and Reform Commission related parties, Pingxiang city and Ningming County, Longzhou County, Xinxian County, Jiangzhou District, Fusui county area of Guangxi Pingxiang focus on the development of open test area including under the jurisdiction of Chongzuo City, an area of 1279 square kilometers, the resident population of 1 million 724 thousand and 400 people. The test area focused on the construction of "spatial pattern of three base" three areas of a nuclear, with Pingxiang as the core, the construction of ASEAN open international trade business center and multinational headquarters base; build border economic cooperation zone, the international tourism cooperation area and new rural construction of the first area of the border; the construction of international cooperation demonstration base, production capacity cooperation base of processing trade, the airport industry cooperation base. In order to give full play to the test area of border location, the city to promote a series of reform and innovation, promoting the Sino Vietnamese Pingxiang dongdang cross-border economic cooperation zone, Pingxiang comprehensive free trade zone, border finance comprehensive reform, China and Thailand (Chongzuo) Industrial Park building, friendship gate port customs seized three "(one inspection and one the declaration, once released) pilot, trade unions, individual cross-border RMB trade settlement pilot, trade settlement center, the establishment of the ASEAN currency RMB pilot trading center of the center, the development of cross-border e-commerce pilot work..相关的主题文章: