Chongqing men and women meet 4 hours after 24 days flash from the flash

Chongqing: men and women meet 4 hours 24 days after the flash marriage "flash off" original title: love lost their daily necessaries 24 days after the flash from the flash marriage…… Love is like a tornado, they spent 4 hours daily reporter Zheng Sanbo flash marriage in August 9th this year, the Qixi Festival, one of only 4 hours from meet, know and love each other to determine the registration of marriage registration of marriage in Yubei District lover. Yesterday morning, the male protagonist Tang Xi in the circle of friends suddenly posting said, love can be romantic, affectionate, and life with vigour and vitality, is the daily necessaries. Thanks to the care of friends, but we both have tried our best, we have a good life, and now it is time to go…… It is understood that the two divorced in September 1st. Soon, there are friends and family messages expressed surprise, it was also expressed sympathy and understanding, as well as friends said pity. After marriage, the woman complained that he ate like a hot day on the naked body, we began to marry more than a week of happiness, cooking, laundry……" Tang West ex-wife Zhang Yan memories of married life, but also a sweet face. She said, may be fresh, and their friction in life began to highlight. For example, she said, Tang Xi eat like a fight every time, like a war, a bowl of rice a few minutes to finish eating; he was afraid of heat, as long as the heat up on the upper body, and sometimes no matter whether there are guests, the same is not polite. Began to remind him that he has changed, but for a long time, said good, advised, or pretended to be angry, he is not changed. "Before he got married, he said that there was something wrong with me, but he didn’t change." She said. Bestie groom drink cola at Huang he married she said, married about 10 days, Tang and her west to go to Chengdu to attend the bestie wedding, at the wedding banquet, a series of acts of Tang Xi let her very embarrassed. Zhang Yan said, because the wine, toast to replace coke, but also on the spot to Tang Xi, like a child to the groom must drink liquor…… In the strong request of the Tang Dynasty, the groom drank a large glass of liquor. To this end, bestie privately complained to Zhang Yan, that Tang Xi some acts childish, immature. "Maybe he doesn’t like drinking, smoking, gambling, less contact, causing him to do something less mature." Zhang Yan said, Tang West people do things to be improved. She also told reporters that the wedding night, a few friends together to play mahjong, Tang Xi has been pointing behind her, "let me feel very embarrassed." On the way back, Zhang Yan expressed the views of the Tang West, Tang Xi think he is right, two people on the road a big fight. The man complained of one or two in the morning to play games like to sleep late Tang Xi admitted that Zhang Yan said is true, we may be running in period is too short, the two character is not completely understood, but I have been trying to change, and change is a process." He said that many quarrels are because the life trivia. Tang Xi said, in addition to life trivia, there are two people living habits are very different. He used to go to bed, and Zhang Yan is a "night owl", often one or two in the morning still lying in bed, play games, or go to Taobao; he doesn’t like to sleep late, and his ex-wife slugabed. "I wish she’d get up early and get breakfast and work together." Tang Xi said, but Zhang Yan think married soon, do not want to.相关的主题文章: