China to start the construction of floating nuclear power station on the island will be power supply ratatouille

China start floating nuclear power plant construction for island power supply (Figure) – Sohu military channel map information: Guangdong marine nuclear power station design concept map. Beijing, Shenzhen in November 4, a floating in the sea of nuclear power plant — cnpec sea small reactor ACPR50S experimental reactor, 4 days to start construction. The 4 day held a press conference in Shenzhen, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as CGN) spokesman Huang Xiaofei said, China Guangdong day and Dongfang Electric Limited by Share Ltd signed the "China Guangdong nuclear reactor ACPR50S platform project" pressure vessel Procurement Agreement ", means that the popular small pile of ACPR50S cnpec offshore construction officially started. According to the deputy chief engineer, China Guangdong Institute of small reactor chief designer, ACPR50S Rui? Is the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Development of offshore floating nuclear power plant, is the realization of integrated marine energy supply device for marine electric power, thermal power, water supply and utilization of nuclear energy, nuclear power is a combination of advanced technology and mature marine facilities. Offshore drilling platform, small island residents can become the supply of objects. It is reported that the floating nuclear power plant is the research focus of all countries in the world, Russia’s KLT-40S cable Romulus is currently on the international development of the fastest floating nuclear power plant to be built and put into operation. China, South Korea, the United States, France and other advanced offshore floating nuclear power plant concept. Guangdong ACPR50S the compact small pressurized water reactor technology, thermal power of the reactor is 200MW, output power is about 60MW. Refueling cycle longer, up to 30 months; the construction period is short, compared with the conventional energy sea has good economic competitiveness. At the same time, ACPR50S has a very high safety, which is located in the reactor below the horizontal plane, ensure the accident of seawater cooling as a heat sink, extremely serious accident when submerged to ensure inclusive heat removal and radioactive, even if the core melt the most serious accident occurred, does not produce radiation effects on the environment and the public. It is reported that the China Guangdong nuclear power and Shanghai Electric has signed "Intelligent Framework Agreement" to jointly promote the nuclear power industry, nuclear power equipment manufacturing joint Chinese, comprehensively promote the intelligent construction of nuclear power plant. China Guangdong science and technology conference held the day also revealed that cnpec has set up a "13th Five-Year" intelligent nuclear power, science and technology strategic projects, trying to create the characteristics of the "4 China Guangdong nuclear power nuclear power industry". According to the plan, is expected to 2020, China Guangdong nuclear power assets will exceed 1 trillion yuan, becoming the world’s third largest nuclear power operators.相关的主题文章: