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The establishment of the first national Chinese information economy demonstration zone – Sohu Zhejiang Wuzhen youth online news (16 November, China Youth Daily reporter Dong Bishui? The younger He Chunzhong) Zhejiang province national economy demonstration area construction in the press conference held today in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, was formally approved as the first national China information economy demonstration area. The central network information office, the national development and Reform Commission jointly approved the approval documents for the establishment of Zhejiang province national economy demonstration area that create demonstration area should focus on exploring a new system, new mechanism and new mode for the innovation and development of information economy, stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, efforts to promote Zhejiang in the "Internet plus", the development of large data industry a new, smart city, cross-border e-commerce, sharing economy, intelligent infrastructure transformation, deep integration of information technology and industrialization, promote new growth of entrepreneurs and other aspects in the nation, creating a copy can be extended experience. The documents of approval requirements for the province’s actual economic and social development in Zhejiang, according to local conditions, dislocation development, and strive to build Hangzhou, Jiaxing pilot city, Huzhou, Jinhua, Quzhou, Zhoushan, Shaoxing and Ningbo 8 unique to the world; the Internet congress permanent site as a carrier to create the Wuzhen Internet Innovation Development Experimental zone. In recent years, the rapid growth of Zhejiang’s information industry core industry, leading the rapid development of industrial economy. Vice governor of Zhejiang province Feng Fei introduction, the first three quarters of 2016, the added value of 272 billion 800 million yuan in Zhejiang information economy core industries, an increase of 14.1%, 6.6 percentage points higher than the province’s GDP growth, the province accounted for 8.46 of the proportion of GDP. The regulation of information economy core industries to achieve the main business income of 799 billion 800 million yuan, total profit of 134 billion 900 million yuan, total profit of 110 billion 700 million yuan, increased by 17.2%, 25.8% and 28.9%; software business income of 271 billion 420 million yuan, an increase of 18.5%, higher than the Chinese software growth rate of nearly 4 percentage points, the growth rate ranks second. Zhejiang is currently the first fixed broadband penetration, mobile Internet access traffic average ranking first, e-commerce and information consumption are in the leading level in china. There are 14 companies shortlisted for the national electronic information hundred, eight companies shortlisted for the national top 100 software, listed 11 companies Chinese Internet business, listed 21 companies Chinese 100 electronics, ranking the forefront of the country. National Network Information Office Deputy Director Wang Xiujun hopes Zhejiang to innovation of national information economy demonstration area as an opportunity, based on regional productivity layout, continue to build new energy and economic transformation and upgrading of the new engine, Dianxingyinlu, to play the effect of demonstration and popularization. Today, the Ministry of industry and information technology also approved the establishment of the Hangzhou National Internet backbone direct point". Vice Minister of the Ministry of Chen Zhaoxiong said that the establishment of Internet backbone peering points to optimize network interconnection architecture, promote the scientific layout of the Internet industry, have a positive role to enhance the network support service capabilities, has important strategic significance.相关的主题文章: