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China Medicine University alumni to donate 10 million to talk about entrepreneurship: nothing – Beijing, Beijing, November 14 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sheng Jie correspondent Jiang Chen) 14, China Medicine University alumni, Nanjing sanhome pharmaceutical chairman Wang Yong donated to his alma mater, 10 million yuan. As a typical business success, talk business, Wang Yong said, is to ask for trouble, there must be a dream. Wang Yong is a distinguished alumnus of China Medicine University, 1987, is now the chairman and general manager of Nanjing holy pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, director of pharmacists, senior economist. Has presided over the focus of the National 863 plan project, the national torch plan project of more than and 20 national and provincial key scientific and technological projects, has won the "Chinese 54 youth Medal", "China outstanding private technology enterprises", "Chinese pharmaceutical outstanding achievement award" title. When it comes to his alma mater, Wang Yong regrets, he recalled his university life, and Thanksgiving alma mater to accumulate their own work experience, the accumulation of knowledge, the accumulation of contacts, more important is the encounter love. For pharmacy students need to have the quality, Wang Yong said, the most important is the learning ability of students to cultivate autonomous learning ability; in addition to do drugs is the conscience of engineering, students must be strict in demands this is the occupation, respect. After graduating from college, Wang Yong, who remained at China Medicine University for 4 years as a teacher, chose to start a business and set up a new school of medicine. In the "public innovation, the entrepreneurial" today, Wang Yong said, his business for so many years, the greatest experience is to "nothing". "Business is very difficult, once the business no one to control you, if not nothing, always put things to others, not to think of more things, the development of enterprises will be difficult." Wang Yongru is saying. Wang Yong memories, from the beginning of 2002, the holy and pharmaceutical innovation. "This is a very difficult thing, but I think, although done (innovation) is not necessarily successful, but do not (innovative drugs), there is no way out, so be sure to do (innovative drugs)". Wang Yong said, in 2009 sixth China innovative chemical drugs and pharmaceutical was born in San and lion. In this regard, he was aware of the beginning of the challenge, it is difficult to face, many people feel incredible, is a dream, but a person should always have a dream." On the day of the ceremony, Wang Yong donated 10 million yuan to the China Medicine University to celebrate the 80 anniversary of his alma mater, the school said the donations will be used in improving drug education career development, play a major role in order to better cultivate national higher pharmaceutical talents. The same day the establishment of a joint school and university laboratories, training and market convergence of pharmaceutical personnel. (end)相关的主题文章: