China intends to popularize basic national language by 2020

China intends to 2020 basically popularize the national common language – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 13 (reporter Ma Haiyan) Chinese Ministry of education, the State Language Work Committee of 13 to the media about the "national language" 13th Five-Year "career development plan" (hereinafter referred to "planning"), proposed in 2020, the popularity of the national general language basic in the national scope, enhance the level of information to enhance the ability of language, language business service national demand. As of the end of 2015, China’s Putonghua penetration rate rose from 53.06% in the late last century to more than 70%. 36 kinds of cities and the 347 cities of the two categories, the 985 basic categories of the basic realization of the city, "the initial popularization of Putonghua, the basic norms of social application of Chinese characters" goal. The Ministry of education language application management Secretary Yao Xishuang said that the weak areas of the promotion of Putonghua in minority areas, remote areas, I believe that with the efforts to increase and accelerate the pace of urbanization and the young labor force to urban mobility and other factors, will further accelerate the speed of popularization. Yao Xishuang stressed the need to vigorously promote and regulate the use of national language, at the same time, to protect the national language. At present, China has started the protection of Chinese language resources, to complete the investigation of 81 ethnic languages, the survey of 53 Chinese dialects and the investigation of the work of the 32 language and culture. "Carry forward the dissemination of Chinese excellent language and culture" as one of the five tasks of attention. "Planning" pointed out that the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, mainland and Taiwan to deepen exchanges and cooperation in language and culture. We will increase support and service for Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to learn and use the language of the country to strengthen the national identity and cultural identity education of Hong Kong and macao. In order to meet the needs of Hong Kong and Macao to learn Mandarin, has been working with the Hong Kong and Macao 15 universities and institutions to carry out Putonghua training and testing work, and to expand the test to Singapore, Thailand and other countries. On both sides of language communication, "plan" put forward to promote cross-strait academic exchanges, language and language and cultural exchanges, continue to write and Application on both sides of the Chinese language books, words of science and technology books, further improve the construction of the knowledge base of cross-strait Chinese cooperation, research and development continue to promote the transformation of the traditional text Chinese characters. In addition, China has set up 500 Confucius institutes in the 134 countries, the 1000 primary and secondary schools in the classroom of the Confucius. "Planning" will continue to build a good Confucius Institute and the classroom, to help accelerate the development of overseas Chinese schools, give full play to the role of the bridge of the bridge of the role of the Confucius. (end)相关的主题文章: