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The official opening of India Chinese anger – Sohu military channel data in Pakistan, an important port: Recently, the Pakistan media disclosed by China high-profile reconstruction of the port of Gwadar Port, the security level is very high, leading to the port on the road of soldiers are on duty carry loaded guns were also observed in the port, the China manufacturing F-22P frigate. Global Times reported: "today marks the dawn of a new era" — on the 13 day, Pakistan’s prime minister Sheriff and Pakistani military executives gathered in Gwadar, witnessed the first batch of Chinese merchant ships to sea from here, the goods shipped to the Middle East and Africa — Sheriff said in his speech. Pakistan "dawn" 13 said, "with the Gwadar Port officially opened, Pakistan Economic Corridor is a dream come true". On the 12 day of terrorist attack in Pakistan province of Baluchistan, the security problem is hot again. "Pakistan’s political and military leaders of the 13 to the southwest of Pakistan, to witness the China fleet from Gwadar Port of opening a new channel for international trade," said The Associated Press. "Dawn" says 13 days, Pakistan army chief of staff Rahiller, Pakistan federal and local government officials, China ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong came here, this is since 2009, for the first time in Gwadar so many important people. In October 29th, about 50 trucks consisting of Pakistan Economic Corridor joint trade team from Xinjiang of Kashi, along the Pakistan Economic Corridor in Baluchistan province heavily-guarded, arrived at the port of Gwadar in 12, the Pakistan government issued a statement 12, Prime Minister Sheriff said the team is "to Chinese watershed incidents". 13 Sun Weidong said, this is the first time a trade caravan from north to south across the western region of Pakistan, is also the first Pakistan cooperation organization business team through Pakistan to Gwadar port. "Global Times" reporter 13 at Gwadar Port site to see, there are about 20 car suspension Chinese flag and Chinese Sinotrans Group banner trucks lined up in the dock. China Sinotrans Group Limited company of Xinjiang party secretary Yuan Jianmin told the "Global Times" reporter, the joint trade team is put forward from the Pakistan Economic Corridor over the past 3 years, the two sides first truly trade team through the corridor, is of great significance, and will have a positive role in promoting the construction of the corridor. Reporters that day is still the Gwadar Port pier to see the giant, lifting equipment loaded to COSCO Wellington wheel on the last container lifting in place, marking the first loading work of Gwadar Port to overseas export container completed. The ship will sail to the UAE, Gwadar will be the ship docked fixed point in the future. 13, 2009, Sheriff said at the opening ceremony, today marks the dawn of a new era, we will do everything possible to ensure that the Sino Pakistani economic corridor and related projects in the agreed time landing". Agence France-Presse said, in the face of the dusty ground and light of the new port, Pakistan 13 officials repeatedly said, Gwadar will become another Dubai. 2015 to fiscal year 2016, Pakistan’s GDP growth rate of 4.7%, Sheriff developed ambitious.相关的主题文章: