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"China good song" no longer recorded? Producers denied: late broadcast – China’s good song, the official micro-blog. Beijing Beijing, October 23 Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) yesterday, the media exposed, "China song" will no longer be recorded in the fourth quarter. In this regard, Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) the reporter contacted the producers Canxing program production, its publicity director Lu Wei denied the rumors, responded: "just a little late broadcast, we are still looking for the time period for broadcast." "Good" is a song by the Chinese Canxing production team making music reality show, original music works focusing on musical composition for the protagonist. From the beginning of the first quarter, the show on the three set of CCTV broadcast, has been broadcast in the three quarter. Yesterday, reporters call the "Chinese song" producers Canxing publicity director Lu Wei. He denied the rumors about the good song on the Internet to stop recording, saying, "there is no such thing". "Just a little later, we’re still looking for the right time." Micro-blog account "HOHO lamp" about "good songs" broadcast screenshot China. In fact, in early October it was facing off in micro-blog "good song" China exposed. In October 5th, certified as "micro-blog music blogger" micro-blog account "HOHO lamp" forwarding micro-blog said, "that" the Chinese version of CCTV song "stop doing," I moved to Zhejiang to do better songs "," Hi "has taken song mode, led by Liu Huan, please star guests to play original songs works". 19, the "light HOHO" once again released micro-blog said, "" good song "completely shut down". CCTV had stopped there, Zhejiang to hi song mode to do "I’m better songs", and now it seems not to do……" Data figure: hall. Li Nanxuan photo micro-blog issued immediately aroused concern. Some netizens said, good song, do not regret it, but some people say they do not like this program model. In fact, many singers in the first three quarters of the "China good song" popular. Like the first season for its debut champions Huo just 13 days later in the song, was determined to be in the year of the horse spring festival stage. While wearing the "monkey" Quan and Su Yunying "wild child" and other songs for "good song" known. (end)相关的主题文章: