China Daily to achieve the world’s first artificial intelligence video

The world’s first artificial intelligence China daily video interview [Abstract] making virtual video China daily through the integration of artificial intelligence technology with reality, all-weather, all-round to answer global audience questions. In October 4, Hongkong daily China Chinese daily through the integration of artificial intelligence technology (Artificial Intelligence), and to create a virtual reality video interview, can all-weather, answer global audience questions, will become the world’s first artificial intelligence technology into the practice of news media, achieved a major breakthrough in multimedia news reports. Codenamed "the scarlet letter" R & D project by China daily Pacific Bureau multimedia production. Project creative staff Mike pull sleep recently in the multimedia seminar Peng Bo news agency headquarters in Hongkong held on was invited to do a demonstration, highly appreciated by the mainstream media from home and abroad to the reporter. This virtual reality according to the video production, can instantly answer global audience questions, this is the first in the history of world journalism, media is not only a breakthrough in the use of new technology, but also in the news to achieve the level of innovation in three aspects: first, the use of artificial intelligence technology in the video, the audience can interact directly with the news the characters, abandons the traditional media according to their own sense and experience to filter or implant interview practices; second, through artificial intelligence, strengthen the audience’s personal experience, easier to cultivate the audience and respondents’ loyalty and user viscosity; thirdly, this breakthrough brings the infinite imagination to the future of news for example, news, entertainment stars, focus veteran political and historical figures, etc., can record the interview by this way, the formation of oral video Words, even after the hero’s death, can continue to interact with the audience to answer questions. This is a video news protagonist named Bumika degeneration in Nepal, a controversial figure in South Asia news. Nepal’s "third sex" movement in the country becoming the first to admit that the legitimate rights and interests of transsexuals in Asian countries, the country’s passport corresponding to the emergence of the "third sex" gender options. Bumika was the first to "third sex" gender identity passport to go abroad transsexuals. Two months ago, Mike Chinese Daily reporter went to Nepal, continued to Bumika conducted intensive video interview on the more than and 20 day, and entered into the program, and then using the artificial intelligence technology is the world’s most advanced, including Google’s voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence technology, IBM Watson, Facebook’s reaction architecture technology, Amazon the anonymous function technology to complete post production. In front of the audience Bumika is virtual video, but like a real person, have enough thinking ability, to live the way to answer all the questions the audience. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the development and competition of news products are more intense. The United States "Washington Post" believe that in the near future, the robot can not only grab most of the white-collar jobs, including journalists and editors, will also include the Pulitzer prize. Not long ago, Google developed a French dog to go to the human race master collective surrender event is well known, but many people do not know is that the British f相关的主题文章: