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Business A Chicago videographer is just what you need if you want to capture the marvelous views that are unique to the Windy City. One specialized branch of making videos that you can use in the city is aerial video production. Truly, nothing beats the experience of taking a video of the city. Many real estate .panies and even movie production outfits have done aerial videos of Chicago and the results are simply breathtaking. These types of videos are used for marketing properties in and around the city or it can also be part of video art. To take aerial videos of the city, you need to have tools that will allow you to take your camera to the sky. You will need a professional Chicago videographer to help you use the cameras and specialized accessories that will ensure crisp and clear videos of the city. Aerial videos offer a totally unique perspective. The most .mon way of taking videos on the air is by riding a helicopter or small plane. You and your videographer simply need to go on board, go up in the air and point your digital video cameras down on the city. But this method can hardly give you the quality results that you want. Besides, you do not want your videos to reflect the windows or shadow of the airplane that you are using. The sound of the video may also be recorded if you are careless. If you want a truly eagle-eye view of Chicago, you need more radical modes of transport that will take your camera up in the air. One popular way of taking aerial videos that your Chicago videographer will most likely re.mend is the use of remote controlled airplanes. Your videographer will attach the necessary cameras and accessories that will enable you to take a good view of the city below. Using RC planes is perfect for low altitudes. This method should also allow you to take more accurate videos and your camera will also be able to reach places that would otherwise be off limits to manned airplanes or helicopters. Other modes of aerial transport that your Chicago videographer may re.mend include air balloons and even kites. But whatever mode of air transport you use, it is always wise to know the different advantages and disadvantages of using a particular technique of aerial video production. And only a professional videographer will know how to advise you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: