Chi Yufeng became the richest alumnus of Tsinghua Education across the field of educational video

Chi Yufeng Tsinghua alumni across the field of film and television education game Chi Yufeng the richest man in November 4th, China alumni Hurun rich list released from Hubei, Chi Yufeng, a net worth of 26 billion 500 million yuan to become the richest man in Tsinghua University alumni. The Chemistry Department of Tsinghua graduates in 1994, which once occupied half of the market share of the education software English software started, then cut into the game and film industry, the representative of "Zhu Xian" in "the piano" "33 days" and other works. From education, to the game, to the film, seemingly switching in different track, behind the success but they have one thing in common: Chi Yufeng is particularly good at seize the time node in rise of the personal computer, the huge business opportunities of interactive entertainment, and the prosperity of the cultural industry. Do a judgment, is luck; to do multiple judgments, is the ability. Tsinghua graduates do not take the unusual road do not always choose to help Procter & Gamble counter station on September 1971, Chi Yufeng was born in Hubei, Xiangfan. His motivation for learning comes from a simple desire to please his parents. But in 1989 admitted to the Department of chemistry, Tsinghua University, he found himself suddenly lost his way: the previous study is to test the name of the famous university to make parents happy, then enter the University and why? The future should become a kind of talent is not wasted in this life? He frantically reading all kinds of books and finally click into place: the progress and development of human, is actually the economic progress and development, make one to be able to promote the economic development of the entrepreneur, is of great importance. As a result, Chi Yufeng became one of the first Tsinghua students to do business, but also became the eyes of many people do not abide by the rules of Tsinghua students. Sophomore semester, Chi Yufeng began his first attempt to do business. Every afternoon when the bell rang, he was on campus "China China peddled to Daily! Daily!" is the Tsinghua students love to see English version of "China daily". Later, he felt a person into the newspaper, the newspaper is too tired to do together with the students, each person can earn more than 300 yuan per month. 1991, Chi Yufeng became the first student investors in Beijing". But it was the big bear down on the luck, a few months, Chi Yufeng almost lost all his savings to the previous hard-earned. When he was a partner, spent more than ten thousand yuan to buy back a color paint spraying technology and equipment, can ultimately prove that the transfer of technology is a scam, make the product of poor quality. Chemical Chi Yufeng hands after the transformation, product is much, but he always sell restless heart, soon stop. Since then, he has formed an unshakable "quality assurance rules", no matter what business, must do to ensure the quality of products. 1994, Chi Yufeng graduated from Tsinghua University to enter Guangzhou Procter & Gamble, the post is a technician. Work only half a year, he ushered in the opportunity – the company intends to promote him as general manager assistant, sent him to foreign training. Chi Yufeng was beyond all expectations quit with a strong desire for independence, pioneering, founder of the Shenzhen horn Industrial Co. ltd.. Then the computer market is hot, Chi Yufeng from selling computer compatible machine, counter, sleep on the floor, through the difficult start-up period, he became Shenzhen’s largest computer list相关的主题文章: