Chery car market in Chile has not yet entered the real mainstream camp

Chery car in Chile has not yet entered the real mainstream Camp Phoenix car reviews Chile automobile industry association data show that in September the light car and light commercial vehicle sales rose 12.9%, sold 32377 cars, the first nine months of this year sold a total of 219596 car sales rose 6.7% year-on-year. Although rose, but compared to 2014 and 2013, nine months before the 253 thousand and 685 car and 274 thousand and 477 car sales, still hardly real prices. In other words, the current total sales of Chilean car market has not yet returned to the level of 2013. Only in September sales, the recovery is quite obvious, has slightly exceeded the sales volume in 2013 of September, which is the first nine months of this year, the only month in excess of sales in the month of 2013. In recent four years, the total annual sales volume was the highest in 2013, with a total annual sales of about 378 thousand and 240 vehicles. Brazil and South America’s largest car sales are not comparable, not to mention China’s domestic sales compared. Even so sales of Chile, is still a large number of Chinese independent brand car. Currently ranked three in the Chilean car city’s own brand cars, namely: the Great Wall, JAC and Chery. Chery attaches great importance to the Chilean city car, the first car that AI Ruize 5 in chile. There is no window but Chery in sales in Chile, if only the calculation of light trucks and SUV sales, Chery is only a narrow majority in the first row, but with light commercial vehicle sales, Chery ranked third in the independent brand car. The Chilean car market overall standings before the three, modern, KIA and Chevrolet, sales in the first nine months were 22126, 20838 and 20305 cars. Chery nine months sold only 2493 cars, with the top three sales far, in terms of volume, Chery is currently in the car, Chile has not yet entered the mainstream camp real. The Great Wall and JAC nine months before the sale of the first 2905 and 2707 cars, ranked in the top one or two brands of auto sales. The Great Wall sales so far, has been ranked first in the independent sales list. Chery’s sales have not yet exceeded the Great Wall, attention to the Chilean car market is still stuck in the level of publicity, the first to become independent sales first, and then to catch up with other multinational brands. Chile car sales list, sales of over ten thousand cars brand car is the top eight, the United States, Japan and the United States to occupy the leading position in the brand car. Even the public, in Chile is also playing the role of soy sauce, the first nine months sold only 5415 cars, ranked in the sales list of the top twelfth. China independent brand car a little further, is beyond the public, sales into the top ten list, may to propaganda, has really a foothold in Chile car city. Nine months in Chile city car sales over the car’s own brand car, only four, namely, the Great Wall, JAC, Chery and Changan. Many other independent brand car sales in one thousand and five hundred cars, and most of them are in car sales, tepid. Own brand cars get together Chile car city, such a low sales, it seems to go abroad to go abroad, in other words, in particular, in order to respond to policies and go abroad. If it is commercial behavior, nine months of the top brand car less than three thousand.相关的主题文章: