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Chengdu: let the rivers and lakes and city breathe — governance after thoroughly River Environmental Protection — to become a good place for people to walk. Early autumn in Sichuan Chengdu, just get rid of the heat of the package, not all of a sudden out of high temperature in go, still very hot at noon. After lunch, Qingyang District Qingyang Street No. 398 Hospital of the neighbors with the cup, in succession to the river shade or poly Liangsan, playing chess, playing mahjong, put Longmen array, laughter, the sound of a dispute, the heckling, accompanied by drifting away thoroughly river water sound. Ask to change thoroughly of the river, the old people to the spirits. 73 year old Wang Guangxiu is a native of old Chengdu, grew up in the river thoroughly. "When the river was clear, the villagers were washing clothes and washing dishes in the river." The 68 year old Wang Guangxiang said, "go to the river to open a stone, can catch fish shrimp or crab." The next generation of the elderly also joined the discussion, unknowingly dirty dirty water on the river, after treatment, and now a little better." No. 398 hospital and thoroughly river just across the street, the river in their noses, the dirty, dirty and will be cleared…… This year, Chengdu city launched a "livable waterfront" project in the center of the city, will try to reproduce the "six rivers, water passes through all 100 run the city buildings. Reason: the pollution over a broad area, the production of sewage is the culprit "if the water to clear some, I dare not accept your interview in the river." Together with the reporter to thoroughly by the river Qingyang District Urban Management Bureau deputy director Liu Jun bluntly, "in the past, the cumulative diagnostic River in pollutants like cotton, the dark, smell great, not near." Nearby residents took the incumbent: "every morning early in the morning and four or five in the afternoon is the bad smell, rotten. I live on the 6 floor." She explained, "the sewage quantity of morning and evening wash bath toilet big." West Sichuan originated in Dujiangyan, through Pixian, Jinniu District high tech Zone, Qingyang District, into the South River in downtown Chengdu songxianqiao, is one of the 6 main rivers, flood and flood drainage upstream can help along the way, usually can solve water along the production and life of residents. However, the beautiful river was thoroughly become muddy, dirty, full of bad smell, people into the mouth of a ditch". Liu Jun explained, along the residential areas, enterprises and institutions, wide distribution, complex causes of pollution. The river long time deposition to form a large number of black odor sediment, coupled with the city to accelerate the process of housing and living along the river, a substantial increase in the amount of a large amount of sewage into the municipal pipe network can not be normal, directly discharged into the river, causing river water quality deterioration, thoroughly change smelly, eventually forming a nasty black odor river. Production of domestic sewage is the formation of "foul ditch" culprit. Thoroughly on both sides of the river retaining wall three-dimensional distribution of large and small river outfall. Thoroughly River in Qingyang District, 13.1 kilometers long, there are 21 sewage related estuary in Jinniu District, the territory of 10 kilometers long, there are 33 sewage outfall. When the sewage is like a fountain!" Liu Jun described his impressions. River: 562 of the city’s sewage)相关的主题文章: