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Chen Chenxi: "the team" can not temperament – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Chen Chenxi: "weak" can not "temperament in the twelve race, we are a" weak ", which is often in the national football coach Gao Hongbo edge of a sentence. In the wake of the October 6th Xi’an home court 0:1 against the lowest ranked world with group rivals Syria team, Gao Hongbo once again dished out the "underdog", but this time, the "weak" and not lose as Chinese team notes. If the Chinese team is weak, the Syria team can not call it strong, after all, it is the previous 1 – level and 1 – negative team. Moreover, the Syria team, which is experiencing a war and at home, is only 114 in the world, 36 lower than the 78 China team. From the starting line-up, Chinese team did not see themselves as a weak one, double striker Gao Lin Zhang Yuning and defender of the 4 lineup are twelve finals for the first time since. Obviously, 3 points are the only goal of the Chinese team. In the face of the team is Chinese look at fiercely as a tiger does, how to do a "weak" look at the Syria team: the tireless running back, aggressive defense, offensive crazy rush around strategy, it almost made Chinese team to organize a decent attack, even if Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Huang Bowen and Yu Hai in midfield is currently the most technical content of configuration. In addition to force running and fighting, Syria team determined the right quick counterattack is the offensive team on the channel No. 9, Marvas’s breakthrough and speed in opening soon to China the defense team to create chaos, and broke half of the Syria team and the most threatening a counterattack from the diminutive player at the foot of. Before the competition, there were fears that the Chinese team’s ability of tackling key problems was insufficient. After Syria’s intention to recover, how to rip up the opponent’s defense line is much more difficult than that of the Chinese team. But China team should do better, at least to show weakness in front of the opponent, showing a strong momentum and win ambition, such as striker Gao Lin more active movement, the flank Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang some xiadichuanzhong, between Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe to seek some ground with. In addition, Gao Hongbo has its own characteristics in employing people, but sometimes there are too strong sides. Gu Chao failed in the last match with Iran team, but there were signs of tension. The scene continued to start, and finally came out in a tense way. Gao Hongbo’s several substitutions in the competition are adjusting the lineup, from 442 to 352 to 343, but the offensive and defensive disorder has not been effectively solved. The Syria team had 9 more shots than China, and the second half of the Chinese team, who was eager to break the door, was rarely seen as a threat of passing. Finally, the Syria team successfully played a classic game with "weak" and "strong", while the national football team played the longest distance from the 3 twelve games. 3 and 1 flat 2 negative, the game content and results to make people have to admit that China team in the twelve match is a team, but in the face of must win the game, but also should take to win the game to show the gas swallow 10000 as tiger momentum. In the China team and the Syria team had worked hard at the same time, the same group of South Korea in the 1:2 behind the unfavorable situation of 3:2 reversal of another group of Qatar; the Japanese team and the Iraqi team had worked hard for 90 minutes in stoppage time to win the match. The Syria team played the "underdog" character, while South Korea is showing "strong" temperament. In fact, no matter how strength, the top priority is to Chinese team, show their own character or temperament in the game. (commissioning editor Deng Nan and Ren Lihong) 陈晨曦:“弱队”也不能没有气质–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:陈晨曦:“弱队”也不能没有气质   “在十二强赛上,我们是一支‘弱队’”,这是常挂在国足主帅高洪波口边的一句话。在10月6日西安主场0:1不敌同组世界排名最低的对手叙利亚队之后,高洪波再次抛出了“弱队”的说法,但这一次,“弱”并不能作为中国队输球的注解。   如果说中国队弱,叙利亚队也不能称之为强,毕竟都是此前1平1负的队伍。而且,正经历战乱且主场无定所的叙利亚队世界排名仅为114位,比排名78位中国队低了36位。从首发阵容看,中国队也并没有把自己视为弱队一方,郜林和张玉宁的双前锋以及4后卫的布阵都是十二强赛以来的第一次。显然,3分是中国队这场比赛的唯一目标。   面对虎视眈眈的中国队,看看叙利亚队是如何做一支“弱队”的:全场不止疲倦的跑动,后场具有侵略性的防守,前场疯狂有策略的围抢,这一切几乎让中国队难以组织起像样的进攻,即便蒿俊闵、张稀哲、黄博文和于海的中场组合已经是目前最具技术含量的配置。除了不惜力的跑动和拼抢,叙利亚队坚决的右路快速反击是球队倚仗的进攻通道,9号马瓦斯的突破和速度在开场不久就给中国队的防守制造混乱,而叙利亚队下半时的破门和最有威胁的一次反击均出自这位小个子球员脚下。   赛前,就有人担心中国队的攻坚能力不足,在叙利亚有意回收之后,如何撕开对手的防线,这道题的难度有些超出了中国队所学的教学大纲。但中国队理应做得更好些,至少在有意示弱的对手面前,展现出一点强队气势和争胜的雄心,比如锋线郜林再多一些积极的跑位,边路的赵明剑和任航多一些下底传中,蒿俊闵和张稀哲之间多寻求一些地面配合。此外,高洪波在用人上有其独到之处,但有时也有过于用强的一面,顾超在上一场与伊朗队的比赛中无功无过,但有紧张痕迹显现,这场继续首发,最终在紧张之下出现出击失误。   高洪波在比赛中的几次换人都在对阵容进行着调整,从442到352再到343,但攻防无序的问题始终都没能得以有效解决。叙利亚队全场9脚射门比中国队还多出一次,而中国队在急于破门的下半时连有威胁的传球都难得一见。   最终,叙利亚队成功演绎了一场以“弱”胜“强”的经典比赛,而国足则踢出了3场十二强赛以来最没有内容和距离破门最远的一场比赛。   3战1平2负,比赛内容和结果都让人不得不承认,中国队在十二强赛的就是一支弱队,但在面对必须要赢的比赛时,还应该拿出赢下比赛的办法,展现出气吞万里如虎的气势。就在中国队和叙利亚队苦战的同时,同组的韩国队在1:2落后的不利局面下3:2逆转卡塔尔;另外一组的日本队与伊拉克队苦战90分钟,在补时阶段绝杀对手。叙利亚队踢出了“弱队”的风骨,而日韩则展现出“强队”的气质。其实,无论实力强弱、结果如何,中国队首要解决的,是早日在比赛中展现出属于自己的风骨或者气质。 (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: