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Web-Hosting What is web hosting? This is the question which should be answered primarily before we learn how to earn from it. In a layman language, it is just a place where all the data of the website is placed. In other words, all the files, images, codes etc. of the website are stored in a computer which is provided to the user when he enters the URL of that website. Our own computer can also serve as a web host, but due to slow speed, it would take several minutes to load the website. That is why most web hosting are done using network servers. There are different ways by which we can earn money by web hosting but for that the most important thing is server. Server is like a mega hard drive which stores all the information of the website. But this is not cheap hosting . It costs very high. Solution to this is that we can share a server with some other sites which can provide to your website the necessary environment. But to start smartly, you can rent your server from a hosting company. By this you do not need to own sever and look after its storage and other things. This is a much cheaper option. There are two renting options widely available: unlimited reseller hosting and dedicated server. In a reseller account, the landlord company takes care of your server. All the managerial needs are fulfilled by Landlord Company. This is a good option for the people who cannot afford to spend hugely. Most hosting companies allow you to upgrade from the reseller to dedicated server as well. The other option is the dedicated server. In dedicated server, you or a landlords management team can be in charge of your server. This dedicated server option is expensive as compared to the other one, but it provides better speed, performance and security. They are superior in terms of processors; speed etc. as compared to resold ones. Nowadays one new thing which is widely used is 1 dollar hosting service in which different web hosting company provides us with different packages including different softwares where we need to pay only one dollar per month to the hosting company. Once you have a space you can further provide that space to your friend as well and earn from that too. Another thing is that you also need to advertise your web hosting business. You need to advertise and also make your clients aware that why your business is better than big hosting companies. Local advertising can be very beneficial to you. You can go door to door to people you know and tell them about your hosting service. Make them aware about the fact that how they can get benefited with this service. You can up sell domain names and website creations if their business is not online. So web hosting business may require a certain capital of yours at start, but if you play your cards right, you may earn a very good amount in this online business. To know more about hosting and to hire the same do visit now at- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: