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Odd Photos | OCD favorite pictures collection! Sohu perfectionist? Obsessive compulsive disorder? Everyone has a different definition for the perfect, some people walk on the shadow of love, some people walk must walk in the box can not be stepped on the line, some people also love using the napkin fold square…… No matter what you are a perfectionist, these pictures, you will be able to cure the obsessive-compulsive disorder. "Open so neat flower, so good to hear or see. "This is a nice font, like a print. "Ok’s gesture, just as the sun shines. "The neat gradient rainbow light. "A picture, just split into the perfect four parts. "Snow is on the bench, very regular. "A cat curled up, a perfect circle. "Perfect order of growth and maturity. "Cut the wood, showing a perfect spiral. "Plant branches grow along the cracks in the bricks, showing regular lines. "The woods, is in accordance with the ruler of good growth? The perfect reflection. "On a hot pepper, there are different stages of maturity from green to red. "Perfect radian, shape and color of chili powder. "The smooth cake. "After leaving a bubble on the milk sugar, there is a flat hole. "On the plane," the square cloud". "The sun shines down, just a neat line of floor area. In the middle of the flower, the perfect yellow solid. From the deep to the neat arrangement, a good picture of happiness. "A perfect snowflake falls on the body. "The snow falls on the bare branches of the trees. "Perfect rainbow, perfect flower field. Egypt’s Cairo market, there are many of these lines appear perfect radian powder. "After a freezing rain, can pull on the wall under complete with thin ice wall contour. "This is a small fountain with a whirlpool. "The snow fell on the car and slipped down like a blanket. "Perfect sunset light. "Strawberry pie. "The perfect spiral stack of books. "Neat set of colored sugar in the dish, then pour into the hot water, the color of sugar to the pigment will recess flow, showing a perfect color circle. "The little boy has all the colors相关的主题文章: