Changsha 28 year old woman walks 40 minutes every day to work, just to open the door-borderland

Changsha 28 year old woman with a 40 minute walk every day to work just to open the door at 5 in the morning, 28 year old Xu Qinqiong went to work. Xu Qinqiong in the good disabled service center processing factory, is the hand bag production, packaging and other books. Her legs are not neat, the way to work, every day she will walk for 40 minutes. Xu Qinqiong is a natural leader of speech disorders. She could not hear the voices of others, can not talk to others. As many as speech disorder, mental depression, temper. A quick temper, will fall, Xu Qinqiong and her mother-in-law against, even hit a child. Quarrel, throwing things, crying…… This is their home once daily. This is not her intention. What she needs, to help her get rid of the struggles of life. Fortunately, now she can go out and find a job, there are nearly a thousand dollars a month. For her, the work here, can let her find another quiet self. How to communicate with the outside world, is a difficult problem for all speech disorders. Most people are not able to communicate in sign language, body language is also limited. Moreover, in particular about the implicit culture, a lot of people are afraid to take the initiative to express, even if they feel love. Dai Weihong is also a speech impediment, her mother and her husband have some mental retardation. Have a daughter, lived in public, about a month before they go home. The mother and daughter will not sign, meeting is helen. Smile is a communication tool, but it is also possible with diaphragm sense of distance. This year 5 month, the school organized the students to do good performances. The little girl the first time to see mom’s place of work, and her colleagues. "This is my daughter." Dai Weihong is very happy, pointing to the side of the friends. The little girl cried on the spot. This may be difficult for her to understand the world, the heart but she can understand her. What is the disabled friends need most? When the big Xiang net put the question to our psychological counseling center Mao teacher, her answer is not accidental: social value sense, let the disabled recover its social nature. However, Mr. Mao next words makes people realize that behind the seemingly rampant use of vocabulary, is a tough reality. Mr. Mao said, most of the disabled need psychological intervention, unfortunately, they will not take the initiative to seek help. And their families, it is easy to go to two extremes: either they think the poor, or else they will be very spoiled; when the small animal feeding". For the first time and good cooperation Lanyu group counseling, in the fruit of. But that day, she didn’t show up. 10 years ago, the girl and the other child, love to say, love to laugh, bounce. But then her attack, legs weakness, walking inconvenience. Two years later, she had to face the reality of a wheelchair. The more experienced free and beautiful, to lose even more difficult to accept. She stayed at home, do not go out easily, is not willing to a wheelchair. Good advice will place in her home, the purpose is self-evident. The two or three time after the event, volunteers lying on the back, she was finally willing to come out. Now, already 26 years old, she still love, boyfriend, is still good to find a job, do manual)

长沙28岁女子每天步行40分钟上班 只为推开那扇门早上5点,28岁的徐琴琼出门去上班了。徐琴琼在上善助残服务中心的加工厂上班,就是做手提袋制作、图书包装等。她腿脚有点不麻利,这条上班的路,她每天都要走40分钟。徐琴琼是天生的言语障碍者。她听不到别人的声音,也无法跟别人说话。像很多言语障碍者一样,心理压抑,脾气暴躁。性子一急,就会摔东西,徐琴琼跟婆婆对抗,甚至打小孩。争吵、摔东西、哭声……这就是她们家曾经的家庭日常。这并非她的本意。她需要点什么,来帮助她摆脱这种生活的挣扎。幸运的是,如今她可以走出家门,找到一份工作,每个月也有近千元的收入。对她而言,这里的工作,可以让她找回另一个平静安定的自我。如何与外界交流,是所有言语障碍者面临的难题。大部分人都不会手语,肢体语言能够交流的也有限。而且,在讲究含蓄的文化里,很多人都害怕主动表达,即使他们心存爱。 戴伟红也是个言语障碍者,婆婆和丈夫都有些智障。有个女儿,常年住在外公家,大概一个月才回家一趟。母女俩都不会手语,见面就是笑笑。笑容是沟通的利器,但也可能是带着隔膜感的距离。今年5月,学校组织学生们来上善做文艺演出。小姑娘第一次看到了妈妈工作的地方,以及她的同事们。“这是我的女儿。”戴伟红很高兴,比划着向身边的朋友们介绍。小姑娘当场就落泪了。这或许是她难以理解的世界,但她可以理解妈妈的那颗心。残疾朋友最需要的是什么?当大湘网向蓝宇心理咨询中心的毛老师提出这个问题时,她给出的答案其实并不意外:社会价值感,让残疾人恢复自己的社会属性。然而,毛老师接下来的话让人意识到,这种看似使用泛滥的词汇背后,是艰难的现实。毛老师说,大多数残障人士都需要心理介入,遗憾的是,他们并不会主动寻求帮助。而他们的家人,很容易走向两个极端:要么认为他们可怜,溺爱无比;要不就是将他们当小动物一样“饲养”。 蓝宇和上善第一次合作进行的团体咨询,在任果家进行。但是那天,她没有露面。10岁以前,这个姑娘和普通的孩子一样,爱说,爱笑,蹦蹦跳跳。但后来她病发了,两腿无力,行走不便。两年多后,她不得不面对坐轮椅的现实。越是经历过自由自在的美好,对于失去就越发难以接受。她整天宅在家里,轻易不出门,也不愿意坐轮椅。上善将咨询地点放在了她的家,目的不言而喻。两三次活动后,趴在志愿者的背上,她终于愿意出来了。现在,已经26岁的她还是爱美,交了男朋友,还在上善找了份工作,做手工,更新网站。我们很难知道姑娘经历了怎样的挣扎,但她确实走出了那道门。2014年成立以来,上善助残服务中心帮助很多残疾人走出了家门。中心主任谢向前2013因一场事故全身60%重度烧伤,手、脚功能受限落下残疾。此后,他就致力于残疾人就业这项工作。这两年,中心已经为30余名残障人士提供就业岗位,间接受益对象达到300余人。接下来,上善助残服务中心还计划了心理辅导、岗前培训、助残联谊会等一系列活动。中心还计划将试点模式在湖南省内进行推广,让更多的力量关注到这一领域。本项目总预算为132400元,本次筹款20000元(无上限),主要用于残障员工原材料损耗、残次品补贴以及康复治疗师费用。扫我扫我请扫我。扫描二维码,即可进入“农村残障人就业增收”一起捐项目。大湘网邀您一起努力,打开那扇门。我们一起加油,在更多的残疾人找到自己的价值,改变命运。(腾讯大湘网)相关的主题文章: