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Changan Rui S50 Guangzhou auto show listed for sale 58 thousand and 900 -8.19 ten thousand yuan – Beijing, Beijing, November 18,   18, Changan Rui S50 officially listed in the fourteenth session of the Guangzhou international auto show, the introduction of a total of 6 main pin models, collocation 1.5L and 1.5T two power, the official guide price of 5.89-8.19 million yuan. Changan Rui Xing S50 as a light truck in Changan, a heavy class MPV, is a light vehicle in the MPV market, the product layout of the. Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd president assistant, general manager of light vehicle division Luo Zhilong said in a press conference speech: "in the ten months of 2016, China automotive industry continue to maintain high growth, Changan car sales 2 million 490 thousand, an increase of 9.4%, achieved rapid development. 2016 1-10 month total sales of light vehicles in Changan 100 thousand, an increase of 14.3%, higher than the light truck industry nearly 20 percentage points. At the Guangzhou auto show, the history of Changan light vehicle and a landmark strategic products – Changan Rui Xing S50 grand listing. "Commercial type household, more" Changan Rui S50 have the advantage of the atmosphere, comfortable, environmental protection, science and technology, we believe that the Changan core line S50 will win the favor of the market and users sought. In the future, Changan light vehicle developed for the 2025 vision plan, plans to launch 1-2 new year to form, light passenger and light truck, pickup trucks, MPV four series of ten main models of the product layout, 2020 sales exceeded 300 thousand, 2025 sales exceeded 500 thousand!" Changan Rui S50  published links in the price, Changan Rui S50 product spokesmen — Tian Liang Ye Yiqian couple love back to interact with the fans. Why talk about Rui S50 endorsement of the site, Tian Liang replied: "prior to drive this car, feel the space is very comfortable, the driving time is particularly stable in the car reading newspapers have no problem, for the business people is definitely a good choice, but Ye Yiqian is the core line S50 stylish appearance of the atmosphere to attract, claiming that the car not only beautiful appearance and driving up very smoothly, especially suitable for carrying out the whole family, old and young. Changan Rui line S50 located in the appropriate business IKEA big 7 MPV, specifically for not to talk about fantasy, advocate hard work, serious life, the pursuit of quality, the user groups tailored. As a large MPV to IKEA, and 2850mm long wheelbase body did not make Rui S50 the body is heavy, the European simple design language S50 let Rui look stylish atmosphere, the vehicle bright chrome is business atmosphere. In addition to the eye-catching color, Rui line S50 internal space and comfortable configuration is equally good. Large 7 seat layout and storage space within the car as much as 13 of the business and home travel has become comfortable and comfortable, incall and cell phone mapping and other high-tech user-friendly configuration to make driving more intelligent and convenient. The guests in addition to a wide range of commercial uses IKEA, Rui line S50 there"相关的主题文章: