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The Saga Of The German Nutcracker-govos

Reference-and-Education Have you ever heard something about the history of the nutcracker? Do you know where the first nutcracker was built? We wanted to know a little bit more about the nice wooden men and so we searched for information. Let us see what we have found. ==The Saga Of The Nutcracker== Many years ago there lived a farmer in the "Ore Mountains", he was very rich but lonely. The wealth had made his heart cold, just like the nuts he liked to eat on Christmas. The nuts also were very hard to crack and it required way too much effort to crack all of them. That was the reason why he decided to launch a .petition. He promised a reward to someone who has a great idea to make cracking nuts easier. Many people from all around the village where the farmer lived in came and had strange suggestions: A soldier for example advised to shoot at the nuts. The cattle doctor re.mended to let his hens breed the nuts until the cores hatch by their own. The old woodcarver of the village brought a little wooden man to the farmer. It wore the garb of the "Ore Mountain" miners and had a large mouth with a hard jaw – ideally for cracking nuts! The rich farmer was so enthusiastical about the wooden man that he kind of felt in love with him. This was the first time in his live that he has felt something like enthusiasm. His heart suddenly got warm and he turned out to be.e a nice man. The farmer became the friend of everyone, especially of the children. To express his thanks to the woodcarver he established him a new workshop where the woodcarver was able to carve nutcrackers and other very nice wooden art pieces for the rest of his life. And until today the wooden german nutcrackers inspire people all over the world. Isn’t this a charming story for a peaceful Christmas Eve? You can tell it to your family and maybe the magic of Christmas will .e to your home in this night. Christmas is a very special time where we all .e together. We have a nice time with our family, we eat good food, the children are excited to see Santa Clause and everywhere in the room it smell like cookies and we really can feel the spirit and the love we have during the chritmas time. I hope that my little saga above just added some additional entertainment to you and your family at Christmas Eve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Enhance The Value Of Your Yahoo Account Through Yahoo

Arts-and-Entertainment Just like any other browsing site, yahoo email gained worldwide popularity, long time back. However, being a software program, you might dace some challenges, while accessing your account. During such instances, you are left with no other option, but to get acquainted with yahoo help, immediately. From helping you to access your old account to dealing with suspicious spam and activity, there are various forms of services, which can be availed, with few clicks of your mouse button. Moreover, the technical team can also help you to organize and restore various forms of messages, and download any file, if you fail to do so yourself. Types of services available There are loads of services, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with yahoo login help service. You can get the best billing service, from reliable companies, right away. For best safety and security means, these professionals are always ready to help In case, you are facing any problem while sending or receiving email, these support centres are ready to offer the most promising solution Get best service through sharing and commenting solutions and fix all errors and alerts. There is a fantasy team available, used for managing and scoring your account. Other places to deal with Apart from the points mentioned above, there are some other technical supportive services available, while dealing with yahoo help Australia team. The certified engineers can help you to manage POP and IMAP functionalities, well, through some simple steps. Moreover, if you are facing problem while attaching your photos or other files, professionals are ready to help. From proper accessibility to your account to other problems, associated with settings and preferences, the options are vast. You can get the best video services too, after taking help of experts. You just need to choose the product, whose help you need, and the professionals will resolve it, within a jiffy. Some questions to answers In case, you have any question in mind regarding how to avail your expired domain registration back, wait no further and contact professionals, through yahoo help number immediately. Moreover, you can even update your billing information and change your present billing credit card, through the same service. On the other hand, review your billing history and reactive your small business account, by just calling up the professionals, right now. Their services are available 24 hours in a day, and 7 days, in a week. They are well prepared to help you during emergency situation, as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Phoenix Real Estate Sales And Inventory Stats May

ARMLS STAT – May 7, 2013 SALES Month over Month Sales rose in April to 8,755 (7.4%), increasing for the third month in a row. Aprils sales figure bests the 12-month average of 7,389 by 18.49% SALES Year over Year Sales in April were up 3.8% over April sales a year ago. The sales increase in April reverses the March to April downward trend of 2011 and 2012. NEW INVENTORY New listings rose 1.8% to 9,870, surpassing the same figure for April 2012 by 7.6%. New inventory in April surpassed the 12 month average by 9.57%. TOTAL INVENTORY Total inventory declined for the third month in a row to 20,083 (-3.1%). Low inventory has stubbornly remained in the approximate 20,000-22,000 range since March 2012. Inventory levels in the 25,000-30,000 range characterized what many considered to be the last normal Valley market. ACTIVESand UCBs STAT has been tracking the Under Contract-Backup (UCB) makeup of active inventory since May 2012. Now with a full 12 month data set, STAT has switched from the former bar graph format to line graph to better depict the trend. After a declining trajectory from May through November 2012, the UCB makeup of active inventory has remained steady in the 18-22% range. This month UCBs of 4,369 ac- count for 22% of Active inventory. MONTHS SUPPLY OF INVENTORY MSI declined for the third month in a row to 2.29. Average MSI for the previous 12 months is 2.95. MSI has remained below 4, which is normally considered a sellers market, since March 2011. Marketwide MSI should be viewed solely as a barometer of overall market health and has no bearing on MSIs in small market niches. NEW LIST PRICE Both new list price metrics rose slightly in April. Median new list price increased 2.7% to $195,000 and average new list price rose 0.2% to $283,500. Median list price rose 10 out of the last 12 months, while average new list price rose 6 out of the last 12 months. SALES PRICES Both sales price metrics trended upward in April. Median sales price rose 2.7% to $172,000, while aver- age sales price increased 1.9% to $227,900. Since it bottomed out at $151,368 in August 2011, the av- erage sales price has gained 50.53% from that lowest figure, or 2.53% gain per month from the bottom to the current average. The median sales price, which hit its lowest level ($108,000)in May 2011, has gained back 58.82% from that low, or an average of 2.56% per month. Pricing gains, best characterized as slow and steady, over the last 20 months for median and 23 months for the average, have added $76,484 to the average sales price and $63,700 to the median sales price. But when measured from the market highs from which they tumbled ($350,400 in May 2007 for the average and $255,000 in June 2007 for the median), average sales price has gained back 33.57%, or 1.68% per month, and median sales price has gained back 37.03% of what was lost, or 1.61% per month . THE ARMLS PENDING PRICE INDEX The Pending Price Index (PPI) is a metric unique to ARMLS which uses pending sales data inside MLS to forecast sales price metrics 30 days into the future. In March, PPI predicted the median sales price to land at $170,000, missing the actual median sales price of $172,000 by 1.18%. Last months prediction of $227,200 for the average sales price missed the actual figure of $227,900 by only 0.31%. The May PPI predicts next months median sales price to be $173,000 and the average sales to come in at $235,100. PPI SUPPLEMENT The PPI Supplement focuses on the makeup of newly pended properties added to the pending pool each month over a rolling four months. The makeup of properties in the lower, more affordable price ranges ($150,000 and below) as a percentage of total monthly new pendings has been trending lower for some time. This months PPI reports that pendings in that $150K and below range make up 37.05% of the total new pendings in April. This contrasts with the same metric from a year ago which was 52.81%. PPI also reports gains in the $250,001-$300,000 and $300,001 to $350,000 over each of the last four months. PPI SUPPLEMENT – $/SQ FT The PPI – $/SQ FT report examines incremental gains and losses in the price per square foot of newly pended properties, added to the pending pool each month on a rolling four month basis. This month, the Supplement shows no significant change in the $/SQ FT trending in any price range. FORECLOSURES PENDING Foreclosures pending continued its downward trending in April to cross the 10,000 threshold, landing at 9,424. The market has not seen this level of foreclosures pending since September- October 2007 on its run up to the all time high of 50,568 in November 2009. If the current fore- closures pending trend line continues on it same downward trajectory, foreclosures pending could enter the 5,000 range by mid Q3 or Q4. Foreclosures pending in the 5,000 range is considered by many to be typical of a normal market. DISTRESSED SALES The distressed sales percentage of total sales fell again for the fourth month in a row, and for the ninth month out of the last 12, to 24.1%. Distressed sales, the composite of short sales and lender owned sales, reached a high of 70.7% of total sales in February 2011. The fallout from the undue influence of distressed properties has been the pricing plummet from 2008 to 2011. The continued decline of distressed sales bodes well for the long awaited pricing rebound. Lender owned sales (992) accounted for 11.3% of total sales and short sales (1,116 )accounted for 12.7%. AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET (DOM) Average DOM fell by three days to land at 70 in April. The 12-month average DOM is 73. Marketwide DOM is reported as a barometer of overall market health and should not be used to estimate DOM in small market niches. COMMENTARY Good news in STAT metrics this month is grounds for optimism. Sales rose 7.4% in April for the third month in a row, and beat out the 12-month average monthly sales figure by 18.49%. Not bad for a mar- ket that is very short on inventory. All four pricing metrics showed positive gains, continuing the steadily upward, tortoise pace begun in mid 2011. The influence of distressed sales on total sales continues to wane, having fallen from a high of 70.7% of total sales in February 2011 to the current 24.1%. Foreclosures pending, which have been declining since their high of 50,568 in November 2009, dropped in April to 9,424, crossing the psychological threshold of 10,000 for the first time since 2007. On the economic front, the US unemployment rate dropped to 7.5% with the addition of 165,000 new jobs in April, scoring the lowest unemployment figure since December 2008. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised upwards their estimations for February (from 268,000 to 332,000) and March (from 88,000 to 138,000), accounting for an additional 114,000 new jobs. In addition, the latest unemployment figures for large metropolitan areas show Phoenix as 19th at 6.5% . The reaction to the US employment figures sent the stock market soaring briefly over the psychological barrier of 15,000 on the Dow, with the S&P 500 hitting 1,600 for the first time and the Nasdaq rising 1.1% to end at the highest level since November 2000. Inventory levels remain a problem for the Valley, though new construction is gaining traction. In 2011 the Phoenix new home market logged 6,630 starts, followed by 2012s 11,102 starts, with the southeast Valley accounting for 37% of those in 2012, with Gilbert in the lead. When comparing the first quarter of 2012 to the same quarter in 2013, Phoenixs central market area saw the largest increase in starts, increasing 95% from 173 units to 338 units. So far this year there have been 2,462 verified new starts in the first quarter. New construction brings new jobs plus new consumer spending, as well as more inventory. Still unknown is the effect of the sequester on job growth and the economy. Some believe that the econ- omy is unfazed by the cuts and point to the current job growth report as proof. Still others say its too early to tell as many of the arbitrary cuts have not been implemented yet. Perhaps more telling is the fact that the Federal Reserve blames the budget cuts arbitrarily imposed by Congress for the holding back the economy. The Federal Open Markets Committee issued a statement that despite the signs of recovery, fiscal policy is restraining economic growth and hampering the USs fragile economic recovery. Phoenixs economy, tied to the defense industry, is particularly vulnerable. As the sequester is fully implemented in the coming months, the damage may be hard to measure since there is no way to really account for the what-could-have-been factor had the cuts been implemented using a more rational approach. But perhaps Congress will surprise us all and engage in meaningful dialogue to make carefully thought out cuts that will minimize the harm, and allow the recovery to flourish and maybe pigs will fly. 相关的主题文章:

Wedding Florist Makes Wedding A Lifetime

Landscaping-Gardening Flowers are the most beautiful and precious part of several moment & occasions, the reason for which is the appeal that flowers provide and the natural beauty that they carry. And really its very nice and show the moment that is full of awesomeness. Wedding flower especially is most important because flowers add greatly to the grace of the venue you have decorated. Wedding flowers are what give an entire beautiful hue to the occasion and provide the central theme to the festivity. Carlsbad Florist shows quality of services and deals with all aspects and element with good impact on mind as well as heart… And if you are looking forward to your grand wedding and searching for the perfect wedding florist to take care of the wonderful tasks involved in your wedding, you have found the right place. Wel.e to Wedding San Diego Florist where large number of online flower categories available and make sure guarantee about services also work with good idea of your occasion .and deliver quality of services. You will be definitely surprised with Carlsbad Florist, how to convert your place according to your dream, how a splash of color can uplift your workplace. Bring a reception area or conference room to life with visually stunning exotic flowers that bring nature indoors. Our quality blooms are fresh from the flower market to your door and will last throughout the working week. We can design and create the perfect way to present your place with wonderful .bination and great use of flower and that will be possible if you work with an experienced and good reputed .pany. For that San Diego florist is here for great deal for all that aspects. Carlsbad Florist provides the delivery of unique idea and good quality of services of floral arrangements, beautiful wedding flower, as well as beautiful bouquets and baskets. Calm your mind and release your inner senses with the unique floral designs. Our distinctive flower arrangements are abundant, fragrant and luxurious quality of services. And really present with a pretty twist of twine… its so alluring in its organic beauty. Entice the senses with fragrance, ambiance and visual impact. San Diego Wholesale Flowers & Bouquets offers fresh, high quality, farm direct flowers from around the world at wholesale pricing. From San Diego Wholesale Florist you can expect consistently high quality, fresh flowers week in and week out. Customers often .e to SDWFB for the first time because of our reputation as a respected wholesale San Diego florist, but we be.e their primary resource for fresh flowers because of their favorable experiences with us. It yourself wedding flower arrangements has never been easier! We carry the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces and floral arrangements. Our .pany offers full service San Diego Wedding Flowers and Wedding Decor. Please give us a call at 858-505-0055 to set up a .plimentary consultation for your event. From school fundraisers to corporate events, weddings, from birthday parties and anniversaries to proms, graduations and first .munions we have the selection, availability and pricing to meet your demands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

best+cheeses+for+pizza Posts – Page 1 –

Great Savings With Pizza Coupons By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – While you use half of the bread at the same time, form it into a large range using your hands. Since it is easy to eat, it’s been everyone’s favorite companion might it be in the office or inside their homes. Here is my web site … coupon for pizza hut Tags: Pizza Hut Online Coupons By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – You are able to slather each piece with butter, slice a new loaf of sourdough bread and minced garlic, and broil the slices for some minutes until they turn golden brown. Cook the cauliflower until firm but maybe not too soft. Also visit my webpage … get coupons Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons For The Next Time You Have Pizza By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – If the cash shrinks, leave it to rest for approximately five minutes then continue rolling. wherever you could be located if you stay anywhere in Danbury Connecticut, you can enjoy a Danbury pizza. My homepage pizza hut Tags: Coupon For Pizza Hut By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – There is some thing delightful concerning the mixing of the tomato sauce, the salty ham, the pineapple, and the creamy cheese that makes this recipe particular. Add the flour 1 cup at a time, stirring effectively until mixed thoroughly. Look into my homepage – coupon Tags: Ever Needed Pizza Hut Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Although you may get wood fired ovens to your backyard now, there is also a fantastic counter pizza range that does a fantastic job. Wood fired ranges have this capacity simply because they tend to retain and station heat very effectively. My website this website Tags: Pizza Hut Online Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Without a proper base, regardless of how great your toppings are, your pizza will however be a flop. Exactly what the fever needs is a good slice of pizza, or even a few slices in case you are hungry enough. Feel free to surf to my web page: new coupons for pizza hut Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons For Pizza By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – For instance, in case of pizzas, these high temperatures allow for the pizza dough to show a rapid rise. Another reason chefs and seasoned cooks like ovens is that their use allows the meals to be cooked evenly. my webpage … more here Tags: Pizza Hut Printable Coupon By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – At once you need to be addressing the point of experiencing numerous mailing areas with different messages. If you should be using fresh tomatoes, here’s a simple way to peel them: boil a pot with enough water to cover the tomatoes. Feel free to visit my page … Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons For Pizza By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Even though getting pizza is just a click or even a telephone call away, it is still fun to make your personal pizza, particularly when you’ve plenty of time to spare. Every once in a little while, people get yourself a fever, and no, the fever does not need any cowbell. Have a look at my webpage … on this si … Tags: Great Savings With Pizza Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Brown the chicken in a frying pan and reserve. There’s something delightful in regards to the mixing of the tomato sauce, the salty ham, the pineapple, and the creamy cheese that produces this formula special. Check out my site; get coupons Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons Can Be Found Online Here By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Without a proper base, no matter how great your toppings are, your pizza can unfortuitously be described as a flop. This happens because heat in a very wood oven tends to be consistent and maybe not inconsistent anywhere. Also visit my homepage … the site here Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons For Pizza By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Add the shrimp to the pot and cook them to get a few minutes or until they are just cooked. Nevertheless, bread is saturated in carbohydrates, and generally, pizza dough is made with simple carbohydrates, that are essential sugars. Also visit my web site … pizza hut coupons Tags: Ever Needed Pizza Hut Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Without a proper base, regardless of how great your toppings are, your pizza can however become a flop. If the money shrinks, leave it to rest for approximately 5 minutes then continue rolling. Feel free to visit my weblog … this website Tags: New Coupons For Pizza Hut By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – If you want it by a certain time, be clear about this before you actually order your pizzas. Although, if you prefer some Asian flavor, try the pizza which can be usually served with eel and squid. my blog post – on this site Tags: Pizza Hut Online Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Some have a rectangular or square shape while others are rounded to the end. Let cool and then often grate it, blend it or spot the cauliflower in a Cuisinart to finely chop it (also referred to as cauliflower rice). Stop by my weblog – on this site Tags: Ever Needed Pizza Hut Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – If you’re likely to serve pizza as your main meal, you’ll want to stay with the Italian concept and have appetizers with the flavor of Italy. Communicate every other needs or concerns you’ve, too. Also visit my page coupon for pizza hut Tags: New Pizza Coupons From Pizza Hut By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – It wasn’t merely a visual pleasure however the taste was just incredible. The Marinara sauce is usually to be made out of genuine San Marzano tomatoes, and the garlic, oregano and olive oil have to be fresh. Also visit my blog post … pizza hut Tags: Pizza Hut Online Coupons By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Ice-cream or Italian ices are always a perfect finish to your full meal. Good fresh fruit ‘d Oat Scones are a delicious and healthy solution to either start the afternoon or just to consume as snacks and they are simple to make with the aid of pizza stones. My web site; go here Tags: Pizza Hut Coupon By: Kerrie Lajoie | Sep 19th 2013 – Even though, if you prefer some Asian flavor, try the pizza that will be often served with squid and eel. Knowing that’s important so that you do not overindulge in the forms of food that might drive your glucose levels up. Feel free to visit my website on this site Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons For Pizza By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – Throughout the 6th-century BC at the center of the Persian Empire; troops would use their shields to make flat bread and then top it with cheese and dates. Add the flour 1 cup at the same time, stirring well until mixed thoroughly. Also visit my web site; new pizza hut coupons Tags: New Pizza Coupons From Pizza Hut By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – These are the forms of carbohydrates that are basically sugars, and these are the levels can be affected by the sugars in your blood resulting in diabetes. Some have a rectangular or square form while others are completed to the end. Feel free to visit my web site – Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – It’s clear when most pizza stores believe that direct mail is just putting their voucher with a 100 other coupons and desire to get an answer. Dessert pizzas – is a new development that’s gaining recognition. Also visit my weblog :: pizza hut coupon Tags: Pizza Hut Online Coupons By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – Ice-cream or Italian ices are always a great finish to a full meal. It is possible to cut a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, slather each piece with butter and minced garlic, and broil the slices for some minutes until they turn golden brown. Here is my page: find out more Tags: Coupon For Pizza Hut By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – In Pakistan, it is present currently only in Karachi at Two Swords in Kheyban-e-Rahat and Clifton. Diabetes can also be called carb intolerance, where carbohydrate-containing foods have the best influence over your blood sugar. My web blog :: get more information Tags: Pizza Hut Coupons When Your Are Hungry By: Damon Moten | Sep 19th 2013 – This state – of- the – art home heating keeps the pizzas warm until it’s sent. Italian calzones – are smaller than their American cousins and are often filled with either meats or fresh vegetables, like oatmeal, and mozzarella. Feel free to visit my web blog: coupon Tags: 相关的主题文章: