Car ahead of the price, Kim Gu growth or more than 20% winbook

The car ahead of schedule "price" or "Kim Gu" growth will exceed 20% after last year’s downturn in car city once again usher in a full-color "golden nine silver ten". According to the association data, in the first two weeks of September, the city’s retail and wholesale have maintained rapid growth, including daily retail sales reached 56 thousand, an increase of 40%. The average daily volume is reached 58 thousand, an increase of 43%. Market participants pointed out that in the small car tax will be cancelled, the second-hand car moved to limit the release policy under the impetus of this year, rising up, can say "Kim Gu" full color. Now, with the "eleven" golden week is coming, the market is heating up again, car prices and the cars are sharpening, tried by the fiery market Dongfeng received more than 35 bucket. Nanfang Daily reporter learned that, in the past two weeks, the market has more than 20 new models listed to attract consumers. At the same time, the local dealer group also started the war ahead of the end of the promotion. Market Kim Gu growth or more than 20%, according to the association data, the first half of September, the market performance continues to maintain rapid growth, and there are signs of further strength. Data show that in the first two weeks of September, the domestic car prices reached 56042 vehicles, an increase of 40%; wholesale volume reached 58029 units, an increase of 43%. Among them, 1 to 9 car prices retail data for an average of 55430 days, an increase of up to 52%, while the same period last year was -8%; car prices wholesale data for the day of the year, an increase of 47%. The 10 to the 14 day sales have declined, but still more than 24%, of which retail sales of up to 57145 vehicles, an increase of 24%; wholesale volume of 61968 days, an increase of 37%. This, from the dealer has also been confirmed. "At the beginning of September, the tour will panic buying activities in the country, has set a new record, such as the Shanwei daily sold 165 vehicles, 235 vehicles in Guiyang, Zhanjiang (single) 65 cars, 173 cars, Foshan Panyu station two, 385 vehicles." Wide Qimao related sources, the September 15th mid autumn festival day, wide material junao (Audi) the day’s traffic will reach 60, orders exceeded 16 vehicles; wide material Junwo, wide material, wide material on the Po Chun several 4S shop also said the passenger flow and order quantity is very gratifying. According to research firm Wilson’s forecast, in September the overall passenger car market volume is expected to be 2 million 100 thousand, the chain grew by 19.6% in August, an increase of up to 23% in the same period in September 2015. Wilson said, with nearly fourth quarter, current purchase tax preferential policies will be implemented by the end of the year, before the preferential canceled plans in 2017 will lead to Car Buying consumers in advance Car Buying, consumers in order to catch the last train, will drive the wholesale volume from September to December continued growth. "The rapid growth of the market, on the one hand is the low sales base last year, on the other hand, also reflects the strong vitality of market consumption, which is the real estate boom and economic recovery to enhance consumer confidence results." Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the association said. The layout of the new car prices to seize the market "Kim Gu" full-color, also let the car smell a rare opportunity, have increased the market.相关的主题文章: