Business Developments & .pany Setup Consulting In Saudi

OUR PROFILE CSI was setup to cater to a growing demand in the market for professional business development and market entry consulting services, due to the increased influx of international .panies and global investors to Saudi Arabia in the past few years due to the aggressive industrialization strategies of the Government of Saudi Arabia. With forecasted increasing demand for global oil & gas consumption, and resulting drive of Saudi Government to meet and sustain its oil production and spare capacities for many years to .e, and the associated push for the diversification of the economy with massive multi-$-billion projects initiated in infrastructure, transports, petrochemicals and mining sectors, Saudi Arabia offers tremendous opportunities and growth possibilities in all sectors of the economy. CSI aims to be a .prehensive one-stop solution to facilitate smooth and effective market entry for international investors to Saudi Arabia to allow them to capitalize on the wealth of opportunities abundantly available, while at the same time mitigating and minimizing any potential risks. CSI delivers business development, projects development, and investment consulting solutions to accelerate and optimize international investors transition and market entry to the Kingdom. CSI services include Strategic Partnerships Consulting, General .pany Management Consulting, Government Relations Consulting, Public Relations Consulting, Business Development Consulting, Project Financing Consulting, .pany Setup Consulting, Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, .petitors Analyses, Marketing & Sales, and Talents Acquisition . CSI finds local and international technology and strategic partners and offers match-making services to local and international businesses in Saudi Arabia. CSI assists international and local .panies and investors with management and arrangement of startups funding, expansions structuring and funding, strategic partnerships structuring, joint ventures structuring and funding, and technology transfers. CSI prepares business plans, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, market studies, match-making services, and foreign partner search and valuation. CSI facilitates financing and project funding, government and public relations, and talent sourcing. CSI’s clients are International .panies wishing to enter the Saudi Arabian Market, and local and international individual investors, as well as Saudi Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), and Saudi Entrepreneurs. We pride our self for being prompt, exact, professional, and dedicated in our services. CSI is your strategic partner for success in Saudi Arabia. OUR SERVICES: New Projects Valuation and Consulting Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Joint Ventures Arrangement Local Partners Valuation and Assessment .pany and Business Setup Consulting Business Models and Financial Models Consulting Business Plans, Market and Feasibilities Studies Preparation Project Financing and Business Funding Arrangement Project Land and Allocation Assistance Project Site Preparation (Civil Works) Project Detailed Engineering, Construction, and Procurement Talent Acquisition and Skilled Manpower Recruitment Manpower Planning and Visas Requirements Assistance Pre-qualifications and Registrations With End Users Design of Corporate Identity, .pany Profile, .pany Presentations IT Consulting and Web Applications Consulting OUR FOCUS: Oil and Gas Petrochemicals and Chemicals Mining and Metals Energy and Power High-Tech Manufacturing Engineering and Construction CleanTech and BioTech Renewable and Environmental Services Information and .munication Technologies OUR CONTACTS CSI LTD PO BOX 79867 Al-Khobar 31952 Tel +966 3 897 6262 Fax +966 3 897 6464 相关的主题文章: