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Small Business There are various reasons why you should build granny flat. Firstly, it is very important for your emotional self. Think of your old parents who are young no more to be able to .fortably live alone. They are now plagued with some problem or the other continuously. Staying alone can mean that they can have urgency at any time and there will be no one to attend to them. That is the first reason why you build granny flat. Let your old parents be in the .fort of your .pany and do not let them feel alone and left-out. If privacy and freedom is the issue for the two of you then such flats will resolve that for you. Given that these are independent units with all requirements like kitchen and bathrooms; you can let your parents be free and yet cared if you build granny flat. You can not only build granny flat for your old parents but also for the love for your children. As your children start moving out, they seek privacy and freedom. They want to be on their own. However, finances not always permit such freedom and privacy for your children. After their graduation, if your children are jobless for some time, they might wish to return to home till the time they find the right job for themselves. You can build granny flat for them too. You do not want them to feel like a failure in life. Let them still avail their freedom while they are with you with the help of these flats. What is interesting to note is that many children even tend to stay back with their parents for longer if they are provided the option of these granny flats. Hence, build granny flat for your children. Finally, you should build granny flat to earn value out of it. It is not difficult to have a granny flat, especially when you .pare its cost with the cost of constructing a new house. Some smart .panies offer the option of constructing or assembling these flats in a very low cost. When you .pare these costs with construction costs, you will be positively surprised by the results it can generate. Moreover, once you build granny flat, you open a host of other options for yourself. These options include having your own gym or entertainment centre or even renting the entire place out. When you rent it out, you make immense amount of money through it and get into profits surprisingly soon. Finally, such flats also add more value to the worth of your house. In short, you can build granny flat for a variety of different reasons and purposes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: