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British media said the interpretation of Prince William’s speech involving the British or British support in the EU – Beijing, Beijing, 17 February, according to Central News Agency reported on 16, 18, the EU will discuss about the British reform whether or not to withdraw from the case, the British Prince William 16 in his speech pointed out that Britain facing the turbulent world, should be taken together action with other countries. This statement was interpreted by some British media as William’s support for Britain’s continued stay in the European union. Prince William was invited to attend the graduation ceremony of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China Foreign Affairs University on 16 th, and served as an award winner. In his address, he pointed out that Britain had been an outward looking country for centuries, a country surrounded by seawater, and had always wanted to explore the world beyond the horizon. He said, mission and curiosity will continue to promote the British economy, culture and education export, as well as Britain’s defense and diplomacy, "wherever we are, we have a long and proud tradition of looking for allies and partners."". In the face of changing the world, Prince William said, "we and other national unity is very important to take concerted action, which is the cornerstone of our security and prosperity, the United Nations, NATO, the Middle East and other regions, the biggest challenge now is that with other countries to work together to. Although Prince William’s office stressed that his speech had nothing to do with Europe, nor did he mention the European Union in the speech, but some media still believe that Prince William intended to point to some extent, expressed support for the British stay in the European union. The top of the European Union to discuss the British Prime Minister Cameron proposed the reform plan, if everything goes smoothly, is expected in June at the EU referendum, may choose to stay in a British citizen, but if the reform plan to voters, for example, to limit immigration benefits in the UK, will lead to voters in Britain from the European union.

英媒解读威廉王子涉英演说 称其或支持英留在欧盟-中新网   中新网2月17日电 据“中央社”16日报道,欧盟18日将讨论攸关英国是否退出的改革案,英国威廉王子16日在演说时指出,英国面对动荡世界,应与其它国家采取共同行动。此一说法被部分英媒解读为威廉支持英国续留在欧盟。   威廉王子16日受邀参加外交部外交学院结业典礼,并担任颁奖人。他在致词时指出,数个世纪以来,英国是个向外看的国家,身为一个被海水包围的国家,一直想探索地平线外的世界。   他说,使命感与好奇心将继续推动英国的经济、文化与教育外销,以及英国的国防与外交,“不论我们身在何处,我们有寻找盟友与伙伴的悠久与令人骄傲的传统”。   面对不断变动的世界,威廉王子指出,“我们和其它国家团结采取一致行动至为重要,这也是我们安全与繁荣的基石”,在联合国、北大西洋公约组织、中东及其它地区,现在最大的挑战在于,与其它国家共同合作的决心。   尽管威廉王子的办公室强调,他的发言与欧洲无关,演说中也没有提到欧盟,但部分媒体仍认为,威廉王子意有所指,表态支持英国留在欧盟。   欧盟高层即将讨论英国首相卡梅伦提出的欧盟改革计划,如果进展顺利,预计6月举行的欧盟公投,英国公民可能会选择留在欧盟,但如果改革计划令选民失望,例如未能限制移民在英国申请福利等,将导致选民支持英国退出欧盟。相关的主题文章: