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Binzhou 6 year old kindergarten parents, coma Zoo: August 17th at noon, each one sticks to his argument in the 6 year old girl ODA (a pseudonym) coma occurred in the three the Yellow River road is located in downtown Bohai road eighteen small sun kindergarten lunch break, were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. After a series of rescue and inspection, ODA is out of danger. ODA why coma? ODA parents and kindergarten at noon on August 17th at the age of 6 girls each one sticks to his argument, ODA (a pseudonym) in coma is located in the urban area three the Yellow River road Bohai road eighteen small sun kindergarten lunch break, were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. After a series of rescue and inspection, ODA is out of danger. ODA why coma? ODA parents and kindergarten each one sticks to his argument. Kindergarten: girls "in August 17th after lunch coma at about 1:30, the children go to bed to eat after the meal, Oda Masa in his own bed playing shoes, the teacher on duty discovered quickly after the stop, approached only to find that ODA did not response body appeared convulsion. The teacher on duty to inform the parents of the children, ODA rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment, and report to the police." A staff member of the little sun kindergarten said. He said that due to the hospital in time, after the rescue, ODA recovery. The body has other problems about ODA, the zoo and the children and parents to put their children sent to the Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical College for further examination. "ODA after examination, we will go to the kindergarten, why want to look into the convulsions of the ODA coma. Since the monitoring of kindergartens had been broken up more than ten days ago, we can only investigate by way of asking teachers in duty and children in kindergartens. The surveillance camera has been repaired ten days ago, but it has not been repaired. The hard disk equipped with surveillance video has been transferred to the police, the staff said. The staff said that ODA parents think that ODA coma is cause head hurt in kindergarten, but after investigation, and no one see did not see the ODA ODA falls, lunch time out, ODA who have no signs of trauma. Test results also showed that no abnormal body oda. Therefore, it concluded that ODA should not lead to the traumatic coma. A few days later to check the child ODA father: "high intracranial pressure on the day I was on a business trip, after hearing the news again to get home, home is already morning." Oda’s father Mr. Tian said: "after I came back from the hospital to ask whether the child in kindergarten children hurt, tell me that the day once fell. From the results of the examination given by the hospital, the child had no other abnormalities except the left brain. But my child has been healthy from childhood to large. He has never been hospitalized for any major diseases. This suddenly collapsed and collapsed in the kindergarten. My father really couldn’t accept it. Mr. Tian usually in not far from the small Sun Qin River kindergarten fruit and vegetable market to do business, usually is more busy, send their children to a nearby kindergarten, that children get a better education in the kindergarten, two think is usually busy with work, take care of the child, send their children to kindergarten, kindergarten teacher better care of oda. "I didn’t expect the children to be in a coma without any reason, and the kindergarten did not take a responsible attitude now. How can parents not worry about it." Mr. Tian also said that this event is ODA coma many "coincidence": when ODA coma, several monitoring kindergarten good or bad; a few days and then go to the hospital to check, inspection results show that ODA high intracranial pressure, ODA has obvious symptoms; the incident more than a month, the kindergarten party has been the statement did not give ODA coma. All of these have been puzzled by Mr. Tian. Accident liability into on the issue of compensation, the head of the kindergarten, said the survey results and the examination results show that ODA not in kindergarten injury, ODA coma, kindergarten leaders and responsible people have been actively taking care of ODA, the management of the kindergarten is also not a problem, so the responsibility is not in the kindergarten party the kindergarten, should not compensate the ODA and their families. But because the place for kindergarten, park with family ODA some compensation, the nursery is willing to bear the cost of treatment of all ODA, and part of the tuition fee. "We’ve given our ability to the maximum compensation, but the parents did things Xiaotian is too excited, not only in the kindergarten to kindergarten around covered with negative note in the kindergarten on the wall hung a protest banner, and put his car stuck in the door of the kindergarten, now there is no left. We want to sit down and talk with each other, but the other one wants 200 thousand compensation, and we feel very helpless. We also put forward the legal procedure, but the parents refused on the grounds that they had no time. " The head of the kindergarten said. The parents think the zoo is not responsible for the kindergarten party that Oda’s father was very angry: "when it happened, the kindergarten teacher saw the child unconscious, the first reaction is not to the hospital, but to inform parents. It took a long time to wait for the child’s aunt to send the child to the nearby hospital. It has happened for more than a month, and the kindergarten has not given a formal statement so far, and has been trying to shirk the responsibility from the side. " "As a father, the child had to hurry out of things, they come to nothing, certainly very angry. On the day of the launch, we proposed to see the monitoring. The head of the kindergarten side would not let it see. In another two days, it would become a monitoring failure. Finally, it simply said that the video was being investigated by the police. For more than a month, we can’t even see video and video. " Mr. Tian said angrily. To ask for 200 thousand compensation for this argument, Mr. Tian said, because in the kindergarten party talk feeling each other very irresponsible, has been prevarication, angry words of anger. "The children are in a coma in the kindergarten. They not only do not give a statement, but the medical fee is not out at the moment. Even the compensation makes it feel like a handout. They speak so much, I think it is not too much to say a higher compensation in anger. " Mr. Tian said. Mr. Tian said, ODA has spent more than ten thousand yuan of medical expenses. He said, 200 thousand even, but first of all, the kindergarten should give a clear statement, and then according to the responsibility to talk about the matter of compensation. At present, the head of the kindergarten and parents have ODA ODA a coma talks, both sides hope things can be resolved peacefully.

滨州6岁女童幼儿园昏迷 家长、园方各执一词   摘要:8月17日中午,6岁女童小田(化名)在位于市区黄河三路渤海十八路的小太阳幼儿园午休时发生昏迷,被送往医院进行抢救。经过一系列抢救和检查,小田脱离了危险。小田到底为何昏迷?小田的家长和幼儿园各执一词   8月17日中午,6岁女童小田(化名)在位于市区黄河三路渤海十八路的小太阳幼儿园午休时发生昏迷,被送往医院进行抢救。经过一系列抢救和检查,小田脱离了危险。小田到底为何昏迷?小田的家长和幼儿园各执一词。   幼儿园:午饭后女童昏迷   “8月17日1点30分左右,孩子们吃过饭后上床休息,小田正坐在自己的床上在玩鞋子,值班老师发现后赶紧制止,走近后却发现小田不仅没有反应,身体更出现了抽搐症状。值班老师赶紧通知家长,把小田送往附近的儿童医院进行抢救,并报了警。”小太阳幼儿园的一名工作人员说道。他表示,由于送医及时,抢救过后,小田苏醒。担心小田身体有其它问题,园方和孩子家长又赶紧把孩子送往滨州医学院附属医院进行进一步检查。   “等小田检查完以后,我们会到幼儿园,想调查一下小田昏迷抽搐的原因。由于幼儿园的监控早在十几天之前就已经坏了,所以我们只能通过询问值班老师和幼儿园小朋友的方式进行调查。”该工作人员称,监控摄像头十天之前已经报修,只是一直没有修好,目前装有监控视频的硬盘已经移交给了警方。   该工作人员表示,小田的家长认为小田昏迷是因为在幼儿园时头部摔伤导致,可经过调查,并没有人看到小田摔伤,也没看到小田午休时间外出,小田的身上也没有外伤痕迹。检查结果也显示,小田的身体没有异常。因此,才得出结论,小田的昏迷应该不是外伤所导致。   小田父亲:几天后检查孩子颅内压偏高   “事发当天我正在外地出差,闻讯后再往家赶,到家时已经是凌晨了。”小田的父亲田先生说道:“从医院回来后我询问孩子是否在幼儿园受过伤,孩子告诉我说事发当天曾经摔倒过。从医院给出的检查结果来看,孩子除了左脑有积液以外,并无其他异常。可是我的孩子从小到大一直很健康,从未因为任何重大疾病住过院,这突然一下在幼儿园里昏倒抽搐,我这做父亲的实在接受不了。”   田先生平时就在离小太阳幼儿园不远的秦皇河果蔬市场做生意,平时工作较忙,把孩子送到附近的幼儿园,一是觉得孩子在幼儿园能够得到更好的教育,二是觉得平时工作忙,照顾不到孩子,把孩子送到幼儿园,幼儿园的老师能够更好地看护小田。“没想到现在孩子无故昏迷,幼儿园到现在也没拿出一个负责任的态度,做为家长如何能不担心。”   田先生还表示,小田昏迷这一事件还存在许多“巧合”:小田昏迷的时候,幼儿园的几个监控正好坏了;几天后再去医院检查,检查结果表明小田颅内压较高,小田也有明显的头痛症状;事发一个多月了,幼儿园方也一直没有给出小田昏迷的说法。这些都让田先生感到很疑惑。   事故认定责任赔偿成问题   关于赔偿问题,幼儿园的负责人表示,调查结果和医院的检查结果表明,小田并未在幼儿园受过外伤,小田昏迷后,幼儿园的领导以及负责人一直都在积极处理照顾小田,幼儿园的管理也并没有问题,因此责任不在幼儿园方,幼儿园不应对小田及其家人进行赔偿。但因为事发地点为幼儿园,园方理应对小田家人进行一定补偿,幼儿园愿意承担小田的一切治疗费用,并减免部分学费。   “我们已经尽我们的能力给出了最大的补偿,可是小田的家长处理事情确实太激动了,不仅在幼儿园周围贴满了对幼儿园不利的纸条,还在幼儿园的围墙上挂上了示威条幅,并把自己的汽车堵在了幼儿园的门口,到现在也没开走。我们有心想和对方坐下来谈一谈,可是对方一开口就要20万赔偿,我们感到很无奈。我们也提出过走法律程序,可是对方家长以没有时间为由拒绝了。”幼儿园的负责人说道。   孩子家长认为园方未尽责   对于幼儿园方的说法,小田的父亲感到十分愤怒:“事情发生时,幼儿园老师看到孩子昏迷,第一反应不是赶快送医,而是通知家长。等孩子姑姑赶到后才把孩子送到了附近的医院,这样一来耽误了很长时间。事情发生了一个多月了,幼儿园至今也没有给出个正式的说法,一直想从侧面推卸责任。”   “作为父亲,孩子出了事情本来就着急,他们过来找事,肯定非常愤怒。从事发当天,我们提出要看监控,幼儿园方的负责人就不让看,再过两天就成了监控坏了,最后干脆就说录像在警方那里调查。一个多月了,我们连个录像视频都看不到。”田先生气愤地说。   对于索要20万赔偿这一说法,田先生称,是因为在与幼儿园方的谈话中感觉对方非常不负责任,一直在推诿,一怒之下说的气话。“孩子在幼儿园昏迷,他们不仅不给出说法,到现在医药费一分也没出,连赔偿都让人感觉像是施舍。他们说话这么过分,我认为气愤中说出一个较高的赔偿也不算是什么过分的事。”田先生说道。   田先生说,小田的医药费已经花了一万多元。他表示,20万就算了,但是首先幼儿园方要给出一个明确的说法,然后根据责任认定来谈赔偿的事情。   目前,幼儿园的负责人和小田的家长已经就小田昏迷一事进行了商谈,双方都希望事情能够和平顺利地解决。相关的主题文章: